Monday, January 18, 2016

save the best for last

Jan 11, 2016

Hey y'all!

It's been quite the week here in the Ohio Cleveland Mission. I am so excited to tell you that both David and Carolyn are ready to be baptized this Saturday!!! 

David had his interview with President Brown this past week. He has quit smoking and is committed to living the commandments! He even came to church yesterday even though he is having extremely bad back pain. He is determined! He always says, "It's GONNA happen!" :) It has been a long time coming -- his dad was baptized about 30 years ago. He will be baptized in the same place as his dad! Heavenly Father is awesome. David has been studying and feeling the Spirit and he is changing, little by little! 

Carolyn had her interview at church on Sunday! She said a prayer in the interview.. (Go Elder Bradshaw!) She has never even prayed in a lesson with us! Her heart has been softened a lot and she is so excited about everything. We took her to Kirtland on Saturday and she was probably more excited than the Sisters giving the tour. "Oooh! Look at the hats! Look at the shoes! Look at the table! Look at that spoon!" EVERYTHING. She was obsessed! Haha! It was a fun experience. It was also very spiritual. In the School of the Prophets (where Christ appeared), Carolyn said she felt the spirit so strongly. She bore a sweet testimony that she knew Joseph Smith is God's Prophet and that the Word of Wisdom is from God. It finally clicked that it is God asking her to give up coffee, not just the crazy missionaries! She stopped drinking coffee and is going on faith with that one! I loved it. She said, "I'm willing to try anything to please God." Beautiful.

We have had a couple lessons with Doyle as well. He is finally pushing himself to read The Book of Mormon! He's on 1 Nephi 13! I loved when he said, "Eternity is tied to this." He understands the importance of seeking out an answer! His progress is very slow, but it's there. I know if he keeps studying and praying, he will come to an answer. 

Hmmm... what else? Oh! Just some little tidbits -- we have this couple that were recently married and just moved in, the Johnstons. They made missionary goals and are doing awesome things! They have a goal to help 12 friends be baptized this year! They also want to feed us once a week.. I'm just making notes for my future self here. I LOVE when members are involved and not only that, but they have a personal desire to share the gospel. We met an old headquarter referral, Paje, again this week. The first thing she said was, "I'm so happy you stopped by again! I lost your number!" Elect. I was with Sister Davis that day and we both bore our testimonies to her. Paje said she loved how sweet we are and she can tell that we are sincere and care a lot about what we are doing. She started to look in The Book of Mormon with her kids!! Yay for being led to the elect (those who are prepared by God). 

That was our week in a nutshell. Of course, also picture all of those things being done in 30ish (and lower) degree weather. I'll put on my warmest scarf, my puffy coat, my multi-colored gloves and then there's not much else I can complain about. I have the best calling in the world and the noblest purpose. I love my mission! "My heart doth magnify His holy name." (2 Nephi 25:13)

I am absolutely grateful for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I testify that the work we are involved in is that of the Lord. I testify that each of us have a purpose and the Lord LETS us be an instrument in His hands. We have things we need to do each day as disciples of Jesus Christ to improve the world. 

I love you all! xoxo,
Sister Pound

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