Sunday, December 6, 2015

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Nov 30, 2015

Hey y'all! 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Roxane! (I thought of you everyday this past week, worrying that I didn't email you last Monday.)

We had a good week. It felt pretty long, but we made it through! I've never had as much pumpkin pie in such a short amount of time in my life!

Well, I am exhausted and I don't feel like trudging through lots of details, so bullet points win today!
- We met with Brother Fink with Sister Workman. We finally got the courage to teach the Word of Wisdom. I left feeling pretty good because Brother Fink was open and honest with us and told us he smokes and drinks coffee. He also said that is one of the things that is holding him back from coming to church. I was just happy to hear him say those things out loud. Sister Workman, of course, was a huge support and the Spirit was definitely there. Now we can help Brother Fink move forward!
- We met with DeMetrius again. He is golden (besides the fact that he smokes weed..)! He said, "I wanna go to heaven!" He was telling us about how he was considering moving, but he got a job this past week and said he thinks he needs to learn more about the Church. He is thinking about being baptized! He was so eager to pray to know if Joseph Smith is a Prophet. He told us that when he saw us at Burger King last week, he thought the Church was following him.. but he took it as a sign of God reaching out to him and decided not to ignore it. :) 
- The journey with Xaveria continues... We felt bad because she didn't have anywhere to go on Thanksgiving, but the Wagleys made her some plates and we took them to her that night. She was so grateful and we watched Meet the Mormons and everything was great. She said she felt so loved and teared up a little. We went to see her last night and I just realized: Wow. She is not keeping commitments at all. She says she wants to find Christ's church and wants to change when she knows which one it is, but she doesn't act. And action is key on her part. All we can do is help. Xaveria decided to be offended when we stated our purpose and said we couldn't come as often. I cried in that lesson and in the car. Same with Sister Blackner. It hurts to know we spent so much time praying, planning, caring, and trying to help someone who, in reality, is not fully prepared to receive the Gospel. I can only imagine the pain of our Heavenly Father and Savior when one of their children decides not to accept the Gospel. I trust that Xaveria is in God's hands and one day, she will be fully prepared to not only hear,  but act on the message of the Restoration!
- We met with Carolyn and she told us she really enjoyed church. She wanted to come this past week but we couldn't find her a ride. That is the hardest part with our investigators. They all needs rides! 
- David came to church again and is making progress! He loved the Spirit at church and participated a lot in Gospel Principles (from what we heard -- we were in Primary doing music!). He is going to be baptized in January. I know it! He has such a solid testimony. Sister Wait told us she asked him about what keeps him coming back. David said, "I know this path is bringing me closer to God and that he ordained me for this." 
- We went to the Temple with Gia to see her do baptisms for her ancestors!!! The Saxeys drove and the Seamans (another recent convert) were also there! It was so happy. I love the Spirit only found in the Temple. I felt especially how our Savior cares for each of us individually and the power behind each ordinance we do! How cool is it to know that every single on of the God's children will have the opportunity to receive those great blessings?! I love it.\
- We had a good lesson with Lance and he is for sure coming to the Ward Christmas Party and church this next weekend! He drove out to Alliance on Sunday, but couldn't find the church! AH! haha, well, we gave him step-by-step instructions. He is excited to be baptized and have a completely clean slate.
- We met with Doyle with Sister Saxey. It was such a great lesson!! Doyle is so prepared! He always comments on the Spirit we carry and he loves all that we share! He said, "I can see the Jesus in you." I'll take that as a compliment! :) He is committed to reading The Book of Mormon a little each day and praying about it. I just see how prepared he is because he is so willing to keep commitments and has a sincere desire to know. 

That's all that happened.. and more! Whew.. sometimes when I feel like almost nothing happened, I look back and see that so much actually has! It is amazing to be a part of the Lord's work. I am learning a lot lately about the importance of our thoughts. I am trying to focus more than ever on the work we are doing. I am trying to be a full-purpose missionary! It is a constant battle, but I know as we learned in General Conference, our direction is more important to the Lord than our speed! I know that the Lord sees every single one of our efforts and we are blessed. 

I love you all!
Sister Pound

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