Sunday, December 13, 2015

the end of an era

Dec 8, 2015

Hello you!

This past week was so very, very long, but so very, very wonderful! Hey, did you know it's Christmastime?!? I LOVE IT. Contacting people at this time of the year is the best. I love the Spirit of Christ that immediately helps people understand our role in helping them come closer to Him. This holiday brings more than just yummy food.. the Spirit is absolutely incredible! 

We had our annual Christmas Conference as a mission last week. It was beautiful and Spirit-filled. It was amazing to be in the Kirtland Temple (again) with so many people I love so dearly, singing sacred songs and hearing sacred words. I had the opportunity to bear my testimony to the whole mission. It was an experience I will never forget. To know that I got to do that where Joseph Smith once stood and where the Savior appeared was so sacred to me!

Progress with our investigators is happening! Doyle is reading The Book of Mormon daily, Carolyn, David, and Lance all came to church, and Donald (Stick) is more  committed than ever -- he even bought a notebook to write down what he is learning! 

We have had cool finding experiences this past week. One was a referral, Keisha, given by our investigator. She was so open and had a sincere desire to be baptized when she is prepared. Another was meeting a headquarter referral, Connie. She requested a Book of Mormon and really wants to understand what it is! The best was when we were with Sister Connor. We were about so say bye to her (it had been 2 hours), then we saw two women, Rasheda and Shanyqua, sitting on their porch. We decided to go talk with them and share the new Christmas video, "A Savior is Born", with them. They loved it and were super open to share their faith. They said that we came on the right day at the right time to share a message they felt they needed! I am excited to continue teaching all of these people. I am amazed continually at Heavenly Father's plan for each of His children. I know He has continually led Sister Blackner and I to individuals who are prepared to hear the message we share.

As I mentioned above, the Church has gone to great expenses to create and share the Christmas video, "A Savior is Born". I love it. It is a great opportunity to share what we know and love so dearly with others. I invite each of you to view the video (and others on the website) and choose one to share on some type of social media! (Or get the missionaries to give you  some passalong cards to share if you're not into facebook -- no excuses! I know the missionaries are more than willing to help you do missionary work!) It is so easy to share. I know as you do that, you will be reminded of the true reason you are celebrating this season. I was reminded. I have seen the blessings as I have focused my attention to the Savior and the people I serve. I promise each of you those blessings for that small act of sharing the Gospel. 

Sister Blackner goes home in two days and I can't believe how fast 4 months has gone by. I feel like I have changed and learned so much. I believe in miracles that come from dedication and unity. I know the Spirit has been with us. It will be an adjustment to have a new companion, but I am excited to continue sharing what I know with people in The Ohio! I value the time I have to serve the Lord fully. 

I love you all! Thank you for the prayers and words of encouragement. I pray for each of you daily.
Sister Pound

Oh! David bore his testimony on Sunday and it was powerful! "He's still living and He's still doing the work He was sent here to do."

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