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Mon, Dec 14, 2015

Hello you!

This past week has been insane! And full of miracles! Seriously. Mission life is the bomb. To add to that, I just found out that Elder Gerrit W. Gong is coming to our mission on January 15th. WAHOO! Life is good. I am so excited for everything this transfer will bring.

I got a new companion last Wednesday. Her name is Sister Riffey and she's from Queen Creek, Arizona. She has been out for 6 months and it's so fun to be her companion! We both like to have a good time and be bold when we teach. It's a match made by Heavenly Father! Having Sister Riffey here has been great thus far! 

One of the coolest things happened as we were studying the morning of transfers. The Elders forwarded FOUR headquarter referrals to us.. then the next day, they forwarded THREE! We have received 10 headquarter referrals in the past two weeks and that is probably how many I have received prior on my whole mission (if that)! So we had a lot of prepared people to go visit! One was Andrea. She yelled, "Praise the Lord!" when she found out who we were. She said we were angels sent by God. It was fun to be able to talk with her and hear her great faith. She told us she sings gospel music and performed one of her songs she wrote, music/beat accompaniment and all. It was wonderful! Sister Riffey and I died. And that song has been stuck in our heads for days! Andrea is excited to learn more. It is cool to see how the Lord puts certain people in our paths!

Donna, a pastor that we met last week, became a new investigator! We taught her the Restoration and she explained how hard it is for her to think that there is something more.. but she said she just needs to pray that her heart and mind will be open to it! She took a Book of Mormon and she told us how excited she is to meet again! Another new investigator we have is Shay, cousin of the Stick Brothers. When we met her, she told us she isn't a people person, but that day she said she was -- that was not by chance. After talking for a while,  answering questions, and teaching a mumbo-jumbo of things (as always), Shay realized the Spirit she was feeling. She started to cry (She is not the type of person who cried in front of others!) and said she felt so happy! The Spirit changed her in the hour we spent together. She wants to learn more and have peace and happiness in her life. The whole time, Donald and Donyelle were TOTALLY testifying to her of the things we have taught them!! Donald truly understands! He is still studying the pamphlets and totally understands why we need a Savior! 

We got to meet with Michael & Sam again! They are amazing and even more prepared now!!! They were telling us about how they were recently talking and thinking they need to switch directions in their lives, including the fact that they are not enjoying their church anymore! They really want to check out our church and learn more! And they are going to have us for dinner. (A missionary's dream investigators.. a family!)
This week I have really been trying to focus on helping other recognize the Holy Ghost. I see it affecting the work we are doing. From Donna, to Shay, to Andrea, I know that Heavenly Father is sending the Spirit and we are helping people to recognize that fulness that we share. It is joy unspeakable. I am grateful to know that the Lord's promises are real -- that He does love us enough to confirm truth, settle our worried minds, and comfort our heavy hearts. He is always sending the Spirit to be with us as we are worthy! I know that He has a desire to guide and bless each of us!

I love you all!
Sister Pound

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