Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dec 21, 2015

we got to go Christmas shopping for a family in need. It was fun playing Santa!


This past week was absolutely wonderful. And not just because Sister Woolensack rapped Ice, Ice Baby while her pet bird danced for us. :) 

One of the best miracles was meeting Yvonne. We were at a point in our day when we didn't know what to do, but Sister Riffey felt we should go stop by an old Headquarter Referral, so we did! It was kind of out of our way, but we decided to do it. The referral wasn't home, but a lady pulled up in the driveway at the house next door. We decided to talk with her even though she was still in her car. We approached her asking for information about her neighbor. It turned out she didn't live there, but she immediately asked, "Who are you?" We introduced ourselves and she asked, "Do you make home visits?" She gave us her address without being prompted! We gave her A Savior is Born card (through her window!) and she told us about her husband passing away and all of her trials. We shared a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and set a return appointment! This experience testified to me that we really are called to talk with EVERYONE -- including those in their cars! 

Carolyn is making such good progress! She believes Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God and she is praying about baptism. We were able to take her to a baptismal service and the missionaries passed around a little journal for everyone to sign. Carolyn wrote, "I like you am learning about the church and will probably be baptized." or something to the extent! The smile on my face when I saw that was probably one of the biggest I've ever smiled. Carolyn came to church again and a Relief Society activity and is coming to the Wagley's home on Christmas. She is loving everyone and everything at the moment! 

The Stick Brothers (Donald & Donyelle) set a baptismal date and David is totally progressing. Ohhh and we had an AWESOME lesson with Donna!! It is amazing to see their progress as they keep commitments. The Spirit is teaching them and they are gaining powerful testimonies of their own! I can't wait to tell you more about them this Friday.

I love each of you! Merry Christmas to my dear, dear family! I love serving the Lord at this time of year and truly focusing on the things that matter most. Christmas is about the birth of our Savior. It is because of Him that we have all of the blessings and tender mercies that we enjoy daily.

hugs & snugs,
Sister Pound

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