Sunday, November 22, 2015

youngstown: the promised land

Nov 16, 2015 at 10:27 AM

Okay everyone I made a huge oops and got sidetracked on So this will be a short one! 

1. Jen is progressing!!! We started working on family history with her this past week and she is loving it! She even asked us to come help her one day when we weren't planning to see her! I am happy we found something that will help her feel the Spirit and put good things into her life. She is also working on Personal Progress with her daughter, Mackenzie, who is a member. They are reading The Book of Mormon together! WAHOO! She needs to overcome smoking before she can be baptized, but I know that she will as she continues to change small and simple things.

2. We had nothing to do one morning so we said a prayer and went searching for a former investigator. We had notes that they still lived in the same apartment complex, but the Sisters didn't get the new address. We walked around for a while, looking at names on mailboxes and doing the usual missionary creepy things to find someone (let's just call it being resourceful!). Well, just as we agreed to check one last building, we walked up but the door was locked to get in. A woman saw us through the window and let us in. She was coming to check her mail at the right time. Come to find out, Sara is a member of the Church who has been living in our area! She has been less active for a long while, but she told us about the faithful example of her mother, who was also a member and died 8 years ago. How cool is that? A situation in which we literally found a lost sheep.. some other missionaries had her records but had notes that she had moved! 

3. We haven't been able to meet with Michael again, but we did meet his wife! Guess what?! She investigated the Church about 8 years ago and remembers going to activities back in Chicago! She asked us tons of questions and said she was open to learning more. She is sincerely interested in what we believe. I am excited to teach a couple! Yay!

4. We met a guy called James Carter who was super cool. He told us that he had really good friends who lived in Utah and that he knew about The Book of Mormon. We were able to get his contact info and give it to the Elders in his area. He was so genuine! 

5. Well, k. This story might not even make sense because I'm typing fast and I'm not going to proof read.. Last week we met this guy who was raking leaves. We offered to help, but we were in skirts.. not very helpful. He told us he knew about the Mormons and the Mormon Bible. We got his address and told him we would stop by this week. We stopped by Donald's and he was so shocked to actually see us come back! He lives with his girlfriend and their three cute little kids. His girlfriend, Jen, has been to church before and grew up being really good friends with a member of the Church! They are both so open and have tons of questions. They are willing to pray in lessons and soak everything in. We went back last night and Donald's brother, Bird, and his cousin, Rocky, were there. So on a dimly lit porch in 45 degree weather, we taught about the Book of Mormon and answered questions. These people are so humble! They want to come to church and be baptized. I didn't feel cold once during that whole hour sitting there! The Spirit was there. Not to mention it was quite fun because they are black, so we asked about the Youngstown culture. They taught us the common handshake the people do and they call themselves "The Stick Brothers" and pretty much everyone in Youngstown knows them because they grew up there! Sister Blackner and I left feeling really good! We are totally in with the crowds of Youngstown now.. haha it is just fun to get to know the people and love the way they live. It's so different from anything I knew growing up. Anyways, their family has a good Spirit about htem and I know that they will progress because they have real intent!

6. (I always live my life by the motto: "Save the best for last." I feel like that started when Ash and I were younger and would always save the best parts of our food for last.. like the pepperoni on the pizza!) Saturday was the day our Stake was having a Thanksgiving Hymn Festival. We aren't allowed to go to activities unless we have an investigator, recent convert, or less active there. The day came and no one was committed to going. Well, we were in Youngstown and stopped by the Ross' to pick up some clothing donations. David Ross (a former investigator) was there and we remembered he loves music, so we invited him. He was ALL about it and we called Doyle, our other investigator who is friends with the Ross', and he agreed to pick up David. They both came and felt the Spirit so much so that they yelled, "Thanks be to God!" and other glorious things. :) Afterwards, they both talked to members of the Stake Presidency. Doyle started to really understand what The Book of Mormon is as our Stake President told of his conversion and taught him. David talked to President Wagley, a counselor, who he knows very well. President Wagley was talking and inviting him to act on the Spirit he felt that night.. Out of the blue, it escalated and now David has a baptismal date! Our Stake Presidency is awesome. President Wagley visited with him yesterday and made goals to help him reach his date. The looks on our faces was probably priceless. It was one of those miracles that makes you red in the face and grinning from ear to ear. Thanks be to God! Where did this miracle even come from?  

It has been a Spirit-led week! There is no way that we would've met all of these people who had previous contact with the Church unless Heavenly Father was leading us! I know that every individual is in God's hands and He is preparing every one of His children to join and come back to His fold! It has been amazing to see that this week. I am loving Alliance! 

Love to you all,
Sister Pound

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