Wednesday, November 11, 2015

we just have to laugh

Nov 2, 2015 
Hello everyone! Happy Monday! 

This past week was cold and wet and full of learning experiences. Remember that time our car battery kept dying and we had to call members 5 times to come jump it? Or that time Sister Blackner's GPS stopped working so we had to start using a map? Or that one time we had to tract in the pouring rain? Or that one time we got dropped by three super awesome investigators? Amid all of the challenges of this past week, it was still filled with good. I think that is a huge lesson I am learning on my mission -- when trials come, there is still good. So I will just tell you all the good.

Remember the one time Xaveria came to church by her own choice? We weren't able to meet with her because she was sick, but SHE called US on Saturday night and said, "I'm kinda out of it, but I'm coming anyways. I haven't been in about a month and I need to go." The Reeds visited her and have been calling and inviting her! They are amazing. Brother Reed (WML) texted us today and said he saw Xaveria at the hospital and he just asked her when she was going to get baptized. She said she is still struggling with Joseph Smith so Brother Reed offered to help her and go to her house to talk it over! Our members are the best!

We had an awesome Trunk-or-Treat and chili cook-off! So many people showed up, including Jen and Chad! Sister Anderson (Karen - mother of Chad, Wendy, and Heather who are all less active and have families of their own) was in charge of decorating, so the whole family came and helped out and brought food. It amazes me to see the light that comes to people when they are serving. When we were cleaning everything up, Jen and Chad were smiling. I know the Spirit is with us when we serve and I am happy that all of the Anderson family got to feel that. We got to have dinner with them Friday night and Jen is going to let us come and make applesauce with her this week! We have created a good relationship with Karen and she cries often when she expresses her gratitude for us helping her family.

We have a really prepared new investigator, Michael. We met him just walking down the street with his kids about a month ago. We only got his phone number, but it stopped working and we never got his address. We were driving along last week and saw him walking again with his son. We stopped and he addressed us as "Sisters"! (That was pretty cool.) We got to go meet him again with Sister Wait and he actually remembered his appointment! We shared the Restoration and he totally understood the need for a Prophet today. He has never been baptized and said he is just waiting for God to whisper in his ear, "Now is the time." He believes a lot of true things which is a good start! He had a rough past of alcoholism, but knows the power that Christ has to change and strengthen us. We gave him a copy of The Book of Mormon and he committed to reading everyday and praying about it. Just like that! And he said, "I'll read it in my spare time.. which I have a lot of." Michael is awesome!! I am so excited to teach him. It is amazing to me that even a guy we met on the street for 5 minutes could be so prepared! Only Heavenly Father could orchestrate life so perfectly for that to happen!

We have just had amazing support from the members. Sister Connor came with us all day on Thursday when we had no set appointments! We stopped by so many people and finally at nighttime met a super nice lady, Mary. Sister Connor, Sister Blackner, and I were all able to share our testimonies with Mary, who has MS and takes care of her children and aging mother. Mary said she needs what we were sharing! So cool! Later we met a lady, Lisa, in a parking lot. She called out to us and asked if we had seen her dog around. We didn't, but we shared hope with her. :) Her son recently got shot 6 times and was paralyzed and she was visiting him in town. She said the doctors said he has a 1% chance to walk again. It was awesome, she said, "Well, we'll see what God has to say about that!" I love meeting good people who have faith. Faith makes a difference!

We did a lot of raking for the Crish's, Bishop, and some random people we met. Funny story: I lost my glasses and realized later they were probably in the huge pile of leaves we raked up. We drove back later to look for them and shuffled through all the cold and wet leaves to no avail. We walked down the street to look and found nothing. Walking back to the car, lo and behold, my glasses we under the wheel of our car! They only got a little dent in the side.. Tender mercy of being a missionary! And about our car battery dying so many times... tiwi says, "Warning: the vehicle battery may be low." Isn't that fun?! Who knew? Good ol' tiwi! A nice guy came out of his house to help us in the dark the first time it happened! We baked him cupcakes and went to take them to his family, but realized we had no clue which house he lived in and what his name was. We found his house and will go back! Hooray for random and kind strangers helping clueless Sister Missionaries! Now, for sure, I know how to jump a car. :)

Our Halloween was surprisingly the most filled day of the week. We did a lot of our service that day. We had dinner with Karen Anderson and visited the Workman's at nighttime. Seriously, our members do so much for us! Sister Workman drove us today to go get groceries. Our car completely went kaput on Sunday, so Bishop and his wife came teaching with us for 3 hours! We saw some less actives that we rarely meet and Bishop was great fellowship for them. 

Something I have been studying and recognizing a lot is the need for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. We always say that phrase, "constant companion", but I've never realized the immensity of that! We need the Spirit constantly.. every hour, minute, second of every day! And Heavenly Father offers that to us with conditions of our personal worthiness. WE decide when we have that companionship. Sister Blackner compared it to her girl's camp activity -- going to the swimming pool with a buddy. We all pretty much know the "buddy rule" for safety! She said at her camp, they would have random "buddy checks" and see if everyone was obeying that simple rule because they wanted to make sure they were all taken care of. I like to relate that "buddy check" to the constant companionship of the Spirit. Do I always have that buddy? I need my buddy to be safe! I have been trying to recognize more when I do and do not have the Spirit.. I think it will be the quest of a lifetime, but I am happy I am learning now. I would encourage you all to do the same. Maybe every hour, on the hour we can say to ourselves, "Do I have the Spirit with me?" If we do not, we can quickly check ourselves and start living to have that constant companion. I am grateful for that gift and I know it is so necessary. We cannot live on our own wisdom and judgments!

I love you all! 
Sister Pound

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