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Oct 27, 2015

GUESS WHATTTTT?!?! Sister Blackner and I are staying together for another transfer.. 3 transfers together! She will be going home after this transfer, so we are ready to work, work, work until she has finished her mission! I was really scared to spend more than 12 weeks with a companion, but I feel like we still have so much to do! We are enjoying the ward and we are growing personally! This past week we had interviews with President Brown and he told me that when Sister Blackner and I are together he can see the "sparkle" in our eyes.. so we are about to set this area on fire!

We had so many good experiences this past week... even on the worst of days, we have so many tender mercies. On Saturday, both of our set appointments cancelled and all we had scheduled was a dinner with the Holloways. It progressively got colder and we were tired and then it started to rain. I think someday I will look back on that day fondly and remember that tracting in the pouring rain when it is dark outside is so much fun! :)

We had an excellent lesson with Brother Fink! Finally, the lesson came to a point where I just had to be a little bolder -- I told him I didn't want him to be offended and that we love him. I told him that he is letting Satan win every time he believes the lie that his "personal issues" are greater than coming to church. I don't really remember everything I said, but I know that he felt the Spirit because when I was done, he said, "Okay. I'll come one of these weeks." We really thought he would come this past Sunday, but he didn't show up. BUT the miracle is the fact that he didn't outright say no to our invitation! He is preparing to come soon! 

We met some of the coolest people. One was Mack. We were stopping by a potential, but Mack was outside and yelled, "Are you Jehovah's Witnesses?" We told him who we were and shared The Book of Mormon with him. He loved all we shared and at the end he said, "I can't believe I've lived 60 years and haven't heard about this!" Then he told us that he was going to bingo that night and was going to share our message with other people. He took an extra Book of Mormon to give to his sister! This was not the only time this past week that we met someone at the right time and in the right place. We have so many experiences where we meet those who are willing to listen to our message and learn more. I know that the Lord guides us to elect individuals. To add to that testimony, we handed out 13 copies of The Book of Mormon, got 4 referrals for other missionaries, and gained many potentials this week. I think Sister Blackner and I have shared nearly 50 copies of The Book of Mormon in the time we've been together. That is probably more than I shared my whole mission prior. We are working so hard to give so many people the opportunity to act and receive the Restored Gospel! Not to mention, somehow when we stopped by 2 less actives we rarely get to meet, one was outside and the other was about to leave, so we got to invite them to the Trunk-or-Treat. It's little things like that that show me evidence that we are being led and the Lord is preparing people to meet us.

We met with Xaveria and had a refreshing lesson with her -- she is still stuck on Joseph Smith and is trusting google and her friends more than the promises we give her. She committed to read The Book of Mormon everyday this week and pray about Joseph Smith. I know that that is the only way she will know the truth of what we are sharing. It is so hard to see that we have simple answers, yet people aren't willing to try those things. The way is simple! Heavenly Father wants us to know truth.

We were able to go teaching with several members. We had a really fun time going with Sister Connor, a recently returned Sister missionary. She is so excited about the work and even though we only got to talk to a couple people, she loved it! She wants to come teaching with us once a week. We also got to go with Brother Johnston (he served in our mission) and his fiance to see Doyle. And guess what?! Doyle totally invited his friend Tim to join. We got to share more about the Restoration and The Book of Mormon. Tim had a lot of questions and Brother Johnston and his fiance bore their testimonies and helped us out! It was so powerful! Doyle is so prepared. I wish we could meet more often, but he works a lot of overtime!

To top off the week, we saw Gia at the Saxey's. She is just the coolest. We are hopefully going to the Temple with her around Thanksgiving time! We studied the Restoration more in-depth. It is a cool experience to teach someone who has a sincere desire to know and believes the Restored Gospel is true.

There were way too many gems from this week. I love that I get to share these experiences with you. I hope that they testify to you, as much as they do to me, that the Lord's work is being hastened! I am learning that our mindsets affect the work we do. I realized this past week that if we think we are a burden, then we will be a burden, but if we think we are a blessing, then we will be a blessing. I know the message of the Restoration is the most important message that others can hear -- and we carry that. We are witnesses of its truth! This message is more important than any phone call, where someone is headed, or what the person is doing when we meet them! I know I am striving to bless lives with this message. I know that you all can do that too! I have had the realization that when I go home and take my nametag off, I will still be a representative of Jesus Christ because that is the covenant that I have made -- to take His name upon me.  You all have made those covenants too! Other people see the light we bring to the world. We are the only source of the complete truth to the world. It's a huge responsibility! I know that the Lord is hastening His own work and we are just His instruments.

I love you all! Be good & do good.
Sister Pound

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