Sunday, October 18, 2015

it happened

Oct 12, 2015 

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was one of the sweetest days of my whole mission. I know it will be a day I remember for the rest of forever. GIA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! And we had fast & testimony meeting a the cutest little Kramer boys got up and bore their testimonies. Here is wisdom from some 10 and 7-year olds: 
   - "If people don't get baptized, other people can be baptized for them."
   - "If we pass along cards, other people will want to come to church."
   - "I know when we share our talks, other people will want to to."
   - "I think that the true church is very good."
   - "I know people have been praying for Gia to get baptized and IT HAPPENED."

I love little kids. And I loved Gia's baptism. It was filled with the Spirit -- the whole chapel was filled and Gia was so prepared. Her testimony was amazing. She has been waiting for 2 years to be baptized. 8 other Sisters who taught her were able to see the whole service on Skype! It was so precious, we had a lesson with Gia before she was baptized and she was praying and started to tear up. She said, "I'm so thankful I'm able to be baptized.. This is the best gift I could ever get." She is rock solid. I am grateful to know how much being a member of the Church means to her. That makes me appreciate my membership in Christ's church more. It truly is a blessing that some people wait patiently for.

So this past week we had other miracles:
   + Megan. She is next door neighbor to and good friends with the Bishop and his wife. Sister Reed was talking about a Relief Society activity and Megan asked if she could join. She went and saw the General Conference CDs sitting on the table at the church building. She asked if she could have one. She listened to it and wanted to watch General Conference last weekend, so she downloaded the Mormon Channel app. She watched it and really liked it! She told Sister Reed that she wants to join our church! We were able to take her a Book of Mormon and Bible and she is sincere. She had strong faith in Christ and knows she needs to get back into religion to help her daughter, who is 9. Sister Reed is so overwhelmed -- who would've thought this miracle would come so quickly? All in the Lord's timing! We can't be afraid to open our mouths!
   + Marlene and Sue Ellen. We got to share the Restoration with them. Brother James (speaks Portuguese -- their native language) came and the Spirit really touched them as he taught in their language. The Spirit was SO present. By the time we ended, Marlene prayed that she just wants to know the path that will help her family follow Christ the best way. Afterwards, Brother James was like, "Oh, I don't know if you caught that, but Sue Ellen said she's looking for a church to be baptized into, but she doesn't know which one yet." Wow. The power of the Spirit is real.
   + Brother Fink. We had an intense lesson. Sister Seaman was with us as we talked about repentance. Seriously, the Spirit was making me sweat, haha! We shared the donut analogy for the Atonement and Brother Fink teared up (heck -- I teared up!). I hope we helped him understand the Atonement better. He did watch Conference and was much happier than he normally is! 
   + Xaveria. We went to see her with the Wagleys yesterday on her birthday! President Wagley is so bold and loving. He invited Xaveria to make simple goals to reach baptism -- getting healthy and doing the small things. She has had no progression recently and their presence was much needed. I hope this really helps her from now on! 

It was an amazing week. Every single day I am filled with gratitude for all the Lord is doing! I know that His work is moving forward -- I am a witness to that everyday. I know that the Gospel brings feelings of joy that no other thing can bring. 

I love yinz!
Sister Pound

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