Tuesday, September 15, 2015

the sweatiest week ever

September 8, 2015

Hello there! 

Hey, did you know Ohio was in the 80s and 90s probably every single day this past week? And did you also know that missionaries are outside a lot of the time? And we do service, like cutting down trees with super dull saws? And the humidity will get you even if you're in the shade? As Sister Blackner told me, "I've only dripped sweat, like, twice in my life. And both were on my mission." We've agreed that we probably sweat our own weight this past week. It was SO hot. And the work was wonderful & miraculous. The best.

We got to go to the Canfield Fair yesterday to celebrate our week of work. :)

I love being with Sister Blackner! This past transfer has flown by! Transfers are next week!!! We have been having super awesome miracles. And working really hard. I am totally out every single night.

Well, about our investigator, Gia (who is 16) -- She has been investigating for 3 years, but her mom won't let her get baptized until she's 18... At least, that's what we settled with... But no! No! Heavenly Father is the best. We decided to do a ward council fast for her this past Sunday. At church, Gia told us that her mom asked her what she has to do to be baptized! We are hoping to visit Gia and her mom with the Bishop and get everything going! She could be baptized this month! We are praying for it.

We also have this awesome investigator, Xaveria. She is going to be baptized in one month! She is loving the Book of Mormon and church! she said it was the best day ever at church this past Sunday! Everyone is so friendly to her and what not. We had a member take her to church (an extra 30+ minutes added to the 40 minutes of driving the the building..) and that same member offered to bring Xaveria dinner because she is having trouble with her vision. She drove all the way back just to drop it off! Talk about being Christlike.. wow. The members here blow my mind. I am so happy that Xaveria really does have such a strong desire to be baptized. She was talking about it a lot and she is excited! 

This past week alone, we have met 2 less actives that have never been reached by the Sisters here! We have so many new investigators and potentials and I am just so excited to continue trying with all of them! We have met some families.. Oh, that would be the dream: to teach a whole family and see them come to Christ through baptism! One of our new investigators, David, was previously investigating the Church. We taught him as sincerely as we could and hoped the Spirit would testify to him. In his ending prayer, he said, "Father, I know that they know it. I want to know like they do." How cool is that?!

Not to mention, we have even been having opportunities to share the Gospel on Preparation Days! We met some really nice people at the Fair yesterday and last week this guy, Sonny, approached us at the mall! He asked if he could sit with us and asked us all sorts of questions. We taught him the Restoration and he told us that later that day he was headed to the Holy Land! He gets back this week and I am excited to teach him more. He said he would read The Book of Mormon on his flights. 

I am so grateful that so much good is happening. Sister Blackner and I are working so hard. We are striving to do Heavenly Father's will and we are constantly trying to seek and recognize opportunities He is sending. It really is exhausting, but I know it is worth it. We are going to find every single elect individual that the Lord has prepared for us, specifically as a companionship, to bless! 

I hope this week you all will think of ways to invite others to come unto Christ! It doesn't have to be something huge, but at some point we have to realize that just being an example is not the most effective way to share the Gospel! Open your mouth and have the faith to let Heavenly Father bless you with a miracle. (If you don't know how to do it, ask the missionaries to help! I would love to help any member that has a desire to share but doesn't quite know how!) I testify that He does bless us with experiences that let us know He truly is there. I see that every single day.

Much love to you all!
Sister Pound 

p.s. We for sure had the police called on us this past week when we were tracting.. Fun stuff! They were nice police officers. :) Also, we met one of our less actives, Sister Daley, who is now a "treehugger". She is studying Psychology and just kept saying that I was super creepy looking and that she wouldn't want to tick me off because I would be scary. Oh what fun it is to be a missionary. :)

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