Sunday, September 6, 2015

August 31, 2015

Choose courage!

Hola all! 

(I am short on time, as always. Here's some highlights though!)

- Sister Blackner and I got to go to the Columbus Temple with a member, Sister Demarco, going for the first time! That was amazing. We saw so many people there that we knew, including a Sister from St. Marys that I know! I love the Temple and I love the Lord for making that a brilliant experience with so many people I love.
- We had Zone Conference and Mission Conference with Elder Randall K. Bennett of the 70. Oh my goodness... Elder Bennett is such a powerful teacher! He taught me so much about how to be a better, more consecrated missionary. And as we have applied his counsel in the past week, we have seen the difference! Our days have been filled with such interesting experiences!
- We met a man named Alvin White and started to teach him. He decided to give us a history lesson instead, but at the end, after we attempted to share the Book of Mormon and Restoration, he said he felt uplifted.. Good enough for me! I am grateful that he felt a difference when we were there! I know that those who are prepared to accept the restored gospel will feel the difference when we are living the gospel and sharing it with them!
- Random tidbits: Meeting a woman whose started to cry, telling us that her son is going through cancer treatment and anotehr man whose mother just passed away. It's those time when we're able to share our testimonies that the Spirit confirms to me that we are in the right place!
- Xaveria is reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it! She says she still has doubts, but is pushing forward towards her baptism. She was concerned about paying a full tithe.. she just found a job that will help her so much with her situation!!! MIRACLE.
- We met a super prepared man, Doyle, who just has a natural curiosity about the Book of Mormon and the Church!!! He wants to visit and when we bore our testimonies about what we were sharing, he said that if he knew those things were true, that would be "priceless". 

AHHH.. I can never even make a dent in explaining our days here. They are filled with so many rejections and little experiences that are so insignificant to you all. But the miracles that happen are so wonderful. I love Heavenly Father for blessing me with so many good things to see and share about. I have so many stories to tell!!!

I have been pondering the question Elder Godoy asked in October Conference last year: "Are we prepared to leave our comfort zones to reach a better place?" I am trying to leave my comfort zone each day and serve the Lord to the best of my ability! It has proven difficult, but very worth it. Sister Blackner and I are having so much fun.

Try it! Miracles happen outside of the comfort zone. :)

I love you all!
Sister Pound

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