Sunday, September 27, 2015

all the work is working

September 21, 2015
Hello to you this Monday day! 

It has been a good week to be a missionary in Ohio! It was one of the busiest weeks of my whole mission, this past week! We had 29 lessons, took Xaveria to Kirtland, had a "Member Training Center" (MTC) activity, and so many tender mercies in between! 

Like I said, we finally got to take Xaveria to Kirtland!!! It was amazing and filled with the Spirit. I teared up more than once. The tour was not only something that Xaveria needed -- I feel that I needed to hear and learn all of those things too! The work I am doing on my mission is needed. We really hope everything felt and said at Kirtland helped Xaveria recognize a more clear answer about the Prophet, Joseph Smith. It was frustrating because the Kirtland Sisters would ask questions and she would respond, "I can't answer that." -- even to the question, "Did you feel the Spirit?".... And when we were in the N. K. Whitney store, she didn't want to walk up the stairs, so she didn't get to be in the room where Christ appeared! AHH.. Our hearts sunk at that moment. We were able to do a virtual tour, however. The Spirit was still very strong. I hope it helped in some way.

We had a lesson with Gia to prepare for her baptism! Her mom is very supportive now. Gia is just awesome. She understands the Gospel so well. We talked about obedience and studying the scriptures. She has a personal testimony that living the commandments and standards that Christ has set forth has given her more confidence and self-worth. She also bore her testimony about how praying before studying the Book of Mormon invites the Spirit and that she understands the messages she normally couldn't! OH and guess what?! Gia is only 16. She is amazing. She has been coming to church for the past 2+ years and attending activities. She is so excited to finally be baptized!

Okay, something else super cool -- a few weeks ago, we were driving down a street in Youngstown and had the impression that we should tract it. Well, we got to go back this past week. We were just driving along to stop by someone across town, but I saw a man sitting on his porch (on the same street we noticed) who was nice enough to wave back at us. We parked and got out of the car! We approached him and were able to share a Book of Mormon and teach him the Restoration... then that started a trail all along that street of just talking with everyone who was outside! We were able to give out four copies of the Book of Mormon and teach two Restoration lessons. It was miraculous! That day we gained three new investigators and a member referral! Heavenly Father is trusting us with such amazing blessings! I know in part it is because of our effort to reach out of our comfort zones! We are being the representatives of Christ that we can be.. that includes setting aside our personal fears and loving the people enough to share the Restored Gospel with them! We are being blessed to open our mouths and share our testimonies.

Hmm.. oh yeah! Jen, our investigator, committed to give up coffee! She is still smoking, but it is growth that she needs to come closer to baptism. She has desire, but no motivation because her husband is less active. We met with some other less actives and talked about spiritual goals.. Let me tell you: it is really easy to feel uncomfortable as a missionary. It is really hard to ask people about where they are at and where they want to be. We did it and I was blessed with a feeling of peace that we had done something necessary. "There is no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone." I am trying my best to remember that. 

Our Member Training Center activity was awesome! Our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Reed, led it! Our theme was "Keep It Simple, Saints!" (the "K.I.S.S." method) He created an activity and we were able to help our members identify frequently asked questions that they could give simple responses and simple invites to. We practiced doing those things with just one line each. The members loved it and said it helped them to really simplify the way they thought to share the Gospel. It is true -- the simpler, the better! 

I am learning so much and I am loving my mission every single day! It is exciting to be engaged and fully immersed in the Lord's work. I love knowing that I am exactly where Heavenly Father needs me and that I can be a blessing as His instrument. I hope you all are experiencing the blessings of my mission as well and that you gain something from the letters I send each week! 

I love you all!
Sister Pound

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