Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sisters or barbarians?

August 17, 2015

Hello, hello to you! 

It's really hot out today and it makes me think back to the time in winter when I was longing for summer.. here we are and summer has almost come and gone. This past week was just absolutely wonderful! It has been a week of more tender mercies and little miracles. I love it. 

Last Monday, we went to dinner at the Kirk's home. (Brother Kirk was formerly the Stake President.) They are so fun! Sister Blackner and I experienced one of the best meals we've had on our missions.. and it wasn't because of the food that was served! We had peas, mashed potatoes, salad, chicken, etc.... and the best part was when we sat down to eat, after saying the prayer, Brother Kirk announced that we'd be eating like barbarians that evening.. We hadn't noticed, but there was a plastic covering for the table.... so we really did eat like barbarians! We got no plates or silverware or anything. Just our hands! It was a fun experience. :)

Here's some exciting things (in a list because I am nearly out of time):
- Xaveria, our investigator with a baptismal date, is finally reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it! 
- We met a former investigator, David, who is super golden. Like, he already knows that Joseph Smith is a Prophet and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
- We had 17 total member lessons.. Yeah, like I said: the members here are so awesome! We had dinner with a new family that just moved in, the Workmans. They love sharing the Gospel and really want to know how to better the missionary work they are doing. Brother Workman said, "I'm just tired of planting seeds, I just want to reap the harvest!" You better believe we're going to keep going back and work with them!
- A returning member, Sister Demarco, is going to the Temple to receive her endowment on the 29th! She will also do the work for her parents and grandparents. The best part is WE GET TO GO WITH HER!!!! 
- Another returning member, Brother Sciullo, set a date to receive his endowment: October 10th! Progress! He is so excited and is truly searching out everything he needs to do to be prepared for that.
- Our investigator, Jen, and her less active husband both got Priesthood blessings to help them quit smoking! Jen has a goal to quit smoking by the end of this month and wants to be baptized in September! 
- We went to visit the Tarantinos, an active couple. It was kind of last minute and on the way there, we realized we had nothing planned to teach. We thought of a Mormon Message ("You Never Know") and a scripture to share (D&C 108:7). It turns out that Brother Tarantino said that it was exactly what he needed to hear! 
- We have a goal to talk to everyone who is outside walking down the street or on their porch when we are outside. The day after we set this goal, we saw a man pulling his son in a wagon, just on their driveway. We went and met Gary and it turned out that he was super open and interested in meeting! 

I am just amazed at all of the little things that happen that make the days good. I know Heavenly Father is leading us and that we are doing His work! I can't deny the fact that as the days go by, I see the Lord reaching out to His children. I know He loves and knows each of us so perfectly.

I love each of you! Have fun partying it up at Ash's wedding.. I'm really sad I can't be there, but it makes me happy to know that my family will be in the Temple together. It's the best place for you to be. :)

hugs & snugs, 
Sister Pound

"I missed you like a blind man misses a urinal!" -Brother James

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