Sunday, August 9, 2015

out-staked & time is a'flyin

Aug 4, 2015

Hello there! 

It is true that I am being transferred again. I will be headed to another area tomorrow afternoon. I don't know where, but I know it's not Lakewood, or in the Cleveland area. And that makes me sad, but I do know that wherever I end up, it will be where I am needed. That is probably one of the coolest feelings as a missionary -- the assurance that you are always in the place Heavenly Father wants you. I love knowing that. So here's my last tribute to Lakewood, a city that has been full of miracles and tender mercies. It has been an absolutely amazing 12 weeks.

Oh my, here's the GOODNESS:
Sister Melton read! Sister Melton read! Sister Melton read! The Book of Mormon! By herself! And she wrote a little insight she learned on a paper and showed us and she was happy and felt the Spirit. She was excited to tell us, "I finally did it! And I'm gonna keep on doing it!" It was just awesome. My whole time here has accumulated to this. We went back to see her yesterday and something awesome happened. Usually when we ask her to read she responds, "I'll try." But yesterday she said, "I WILL!" It's a beautiful thing to see even the smallest change of heart. Progression is really "line upon line". I was able to help her rebuild a part of her foundation that had crumbled. In prayer, she told Heavenly Father, "I will do my best to keep reading the Book of Mormon." This was a little miracle I have been waiting for!
○ We were meeting with a less active, Joseph, in McDonald's. After we said the opening prayer, this guy, DeAndre, just walks right up and asks if we are doing something for church. He was interested and we shared a Book of Mormon with him. He sat down and read with us! We were able to teach him again a few days later about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we were talking about President Monson, he read a quote by him and said he felt something "indescribable" -- the Spirit! Near the end, he was saying that he didn't think we could know if the First Vision actually happened. We testified that he could, by the Spirit, if he prayed sincerely. He said an awesome prayer (in the middle of McDonald's) and it was a long one. :) He started getting pretty emotional as he said it. Afterwards, he said he thought of his uncle who passed away. We got to teach him about Temples and baptism. He wants to be baptized! Sometimes I just can't believe that things like this happen.
○ Member miracles: We created this fun "mission call" for our members and we shared it with Sister Alam. She gets really excited, but I have never seen her this excited! She was squealing and exclaimed, "I feel so honored! I'm going to be a member missionary! I'm ready for this --  I'm ready to move to the next level!" It was great. :) And Sister Thomas, who is already so good at sharing the Gospel, told us that she wants to come teaching with us several times a week and even volunteered to come knocking on doors for an hour or two. It was sweet. She said, "I consider you part of my family." I LOVE THE MEMBERS HERE!
○ We visited Brother Mikulic and ended up changing the lesson right when we got there. He recognized it and said he was appreciative that we followed the Spirit because it was exactly what he needed. That felt good.
○ We saw Bessie & Don. I love them so much. We talked about Temples and Bess teared up. She was feeling a little defeated. But the next time, we talked about the power of the Gospel to change us. Don bore a powerful testimony and the Spirit was so strong. At the end, Bess asked if we could get her an "Addiction Recovery Program" book -- she wants to work on quitting smoking (she has been smoking for 50 years, but quit for 8 months to be baptized)!

So there it is. Miracles are happening! And I got to witness so many this past week. I have truly learned in Lakewood that "his hand is stretched out still". My faith has been strengthened in my Savior, Jesus Christ, as I have witnessed so many wonderful things. I am grateful to have served in this area.

I know that Jesus Christ has the power to lift, heal, bless, and strengthen us! I have felt of that power as I have served the people of Lakewood. And I am sure I will continue to feel of that power as I serve wherever! 

Have a lovely week!
Sister Pound

P.S. This week, Darlene (one of the old ladies we visit), told me. "I'll kick the daylights outta ya!" I actually felt threatened. :) Gotta love the old women of Lakewood!

OH, and the photo is of me & Sister Melton. 

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