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June 23, 2015

Hello there!

Well, it has been very, very hot and humid here. We had a big thunder storm last night that was literally booming! Last Monday we had a little "flood".. our whole tires were covered as we drove on this one road. Welcome to life by Lake Erie! Gotta love it!

SOOOO.... CRAZY THINGS HAPPENED THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! Last week I felt like everything was just going excellently. I loved Lakewood, I loved Sister Hamatake, I loved the miracles we were having, and the people we were teaching, and just everything about mission life! Well, I even told some people that I was just waiting for something to happen... IT DID! This past week of my mission has been one filled with the most change! (And there are even more changes to come -- our new Mission President arrives next week.)

Last Monday evening, President Vellinga called and told us (all four of the Lakewood Sisters) that Sister Hamatake would be leaving in 1-2 days to fill a spot because a Sister had to go home for medical reasons. Because of that, Sister Abbott, Sister Norton, and I would triple up for a week until transfers. He didn't give us an exact day or time or anything! We were a little confused but we accepted it. Fast forward to Thursday morning -- President called again and said, "Either tonight or tomorrow morning early." So Sister Hamatake and I were prepared to split up for a week.. Well, come Thursday afternoon we got a call from the Assistants to the President who told us that Sister Hamatake would be leaving Lakewood after the week she spends away, so she needed to pack all of her stuff! We had to pack up Sister Hamatake's stuff in 1 hour and sent her on her way! We thought our triple up would only last a week.. Well, at the mission home on Thursday night when we were dropping Sister Hamatake off, President told us that our trio could be combined for a whole transfer. And last night that was confirmed in transfer calls. We are combining our area and there will be 3 of us working together. It has been crazy. Our area is much bigger now and we have to learn how to plan together and work our schedules together.. not to mention, I only had 5 weeks to learn about this new area and now I have to "lead" our part of the area. Everything can change just like THAT. And it did!!!! Sister Hamatake and I became really good friends. We had a beginning struggle, but we learned to love each other and it was a really fun and growing companionship. I am sad she is gone. I will miss her. So I will be spending these next 6 weeks with TWO companions!

The best 2 things from this past week:
1. We had a lesson with Bess & Don and invited them to come to the Temple with us! Bess started  realizing everything that she would need to change and said she would pray about it. We went over the next day and she really did! She prayed and was  thinking about it constantly. I am so happy that we are making a goal with them that will change their lives! 
2. We met with Judy and invited her to church again. (By the way, she absolutely LOVED it last week!) She said she would normally dive in and come every week, as she did when she was investigating her 8 previous churches, but because she is so well-established in her new church and has obligations, she said she couldn't come. Not to mention, she said she is getting "near the end" and has to stick with what she is doing.. Well, come Sunday morning, our less active (her fellowship) Sister Haney called! She said Judy was bringing her to church!!!! They came! And it was great! Judy felt overwhelmed, once again, with the amount of knowledge she was receiving, but she is excited to study, study study!!! And I know she will! (Have I mentioned that she did some online studies to find out WHY the people in the Book of Mormon used metal plates??? She found that the weather in the Americas was not suitable for preserving papyrus records!) LaterSunday evening, they both came to a "Cottage Meeting", which is basically a discussion and dessert. It was focused on prayer and Judy absolutely loved it! It was amazing for her to be there because we had so many solid members there, too. They provided excellent fellowship and answered many of her questions! WOW! Good things are going to happen with her.

I am so grateful for a loving earthly father, and for a loving Father in Heaven! Our fathers are important, especially our Heavenly Father. I testify that creating and building a relationship with Heavenly Father is worth it. It brings happiness that will last beyond that of any earthly experience. He loves you and cannot forget you! "He remembereth every creature of his creating." (Mosiah 27:30) Come unto Him! It is the best decision you can ever make in this lifetime. 

Sister Aubrey Pound

- "Our tests of faith come when our prayers are answered differently."
- "The secret to a happy marriage is FEAR, FEAR, FEAR!" -Brother Walker, 95 year old man who just had his 70th wedding anniversary with Sister Walker! 
- "I'll be dancing by tomorrow!" -Sister Crandall, who just broke her hip.
- "Who was the richest woman in the Bible? Well, Pharaoh's daughter. She drew a "prophet" from the bank of the Nile!" -Nan Carlson
- "Let's go to the disco and fall in love." -Brother Carlson
- We went to do service for a member's mother, who is not a member. She heard my name and said, "Wow! What a terrible name to have!!! Did you get made fun of a lot?! 'Oh, here comes chubby!'" She was a little bit too sassy for her own good. :)

If you were wondering if my mission makes me happy...... It does. :)

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