Monday, June 8, 2015

tales of Lakewood

June 1, 2015

Our week was good. We have had many miracles. The one I love most is when I knew we were in the right place, at the right time. We were deciding where to go for dinner with a member. We had a hard time, but eventually decided on a place that we don't go very often. It just so happens that a waitress, Pamela. She came up to us and told us she is an excommunicated member, but she still loves the Church and tells everyone she is Mormon. She expressed a desire come back to church and told us she was having some difficult times. She didn't know she could attend meetings because of her situation. It was amazing. I am excited to see where this takes us! 

I am just amazed continually at all of the experiences we have. We have contacted less active members and we have met people who are open to learning more about the Gospel. It is AWESOME!!! There are too many tales to tell. We had Zone Conference this past week and I am spiritually recharged. I love the Spirit that our leaders and especially President Vellinga brings! It is a wonderful experience every single time.

I do want to share my testimony that I know that the time I am spending in Ohio.. it's not a waste. Serving the Lord is the best use of time we can all give. We had Stake Conference yesterday and got to hear from Elder Larry Y. Wilson of the 70. He said, "The  greater we live [the Gospel], the greater He blesses us!" 

Choose to love where you are. Choose to love what the Lord calls you to do. "If you have faith, you DO." (President Vellinga) I love you all! I love knowing that many of you are so strong in your faith and continue to live so well. You bless my life and give me an excellent example! Thank you for being so good. :)

Love always,
Sister Pound

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