Tuesday, May 5, 2015

St. Marys is warming up!

April 20, 2015

Hey y'all!

Seriously, did you know that Ohioans are 100% happier in the Springtime?! It's so awesome to be a missionary when the people you meet are happy (mostly)!

Some cool happenings:
- We totally got a new investigator, Jeff (husband of Sister Longsworth), by offering to teach him how to read sheet music! He agreed to take the lessons in exchange. He's committed and we are excited to go back and share the Restoration with him this week!
- We got to have a fun time meeting the Mohrmans again! We stopped by and met their whole family. I talked about them a long while back. Okay, they are so cool! Gregory was there and asked us questions about the Book of Mormon. His mom, Laura, was so nice and wise and has a lot of potential. They said we could come share more!
- Sister Arnett said she is not going to buy any more packs of cigarettes!!!! WAHOO!!!! And she wants to work on quitting coffee, too. She is on a roll. Lots of family challenges coming from her kids, though.. but most everyone (even her son who ALWAYS stays in his room and really has an attitude towards us) was at our most recent lesson! Tender mercy! 
- Betty is a new investigator! She is so open and just asks, "So how do you believe?" Way cool.
- We were driving around looking for people to talk with. We saw one family and parked around the corner, said a quick prayer, and walked to them. They said they had just moved in and didn't have a church to go to. The cool thing was that I had misjudged the man and thought that he would really not like us being there. He was nice! And he was agreeing with most of what we were testifying of. 
- We have had good contact with Brother Hobbs, a less active member. He literally NEVER opened his door the whole 5 months I've been here. He is a self-proclaimed "hermit". He came to General Conference and has since met with the Joos. Yesterday, he actually opened his door and talked with us for 25 minutes! So cool! He says he wants to meet now that the weather is warmer. I'm telling you.. Spring brings blessings!!!

Anyways, that's enough information for now. Hopefully you can follow all the craziness that happens each week. 

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true!!! It is! Living the Gospel brings happiness.. eternal happiness! "If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them." (John 13:17

Sister Pound

- "We can either go to the Temple or we can stagnate." -Brother Maurer
- "We have to apply what we pray." -Sister Shinn
- "Those who have eyes single to the glory of God are those who see the most of reality." -Neal A. Maxwell
- "Act as if what you do make a difference. It does." -William James
- "It is seldom that the Lord will do something for us that we can do for ourselves." -Brigham Young
- "Service is what Godhood is all about." -Marion G. Romney

Sister Martinez and I! I love her. She is Mexican. :) haha, she says I am like her sister.

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