Sunday, March 8, 2015

the Lord showed me

March 2, 2015
Hellllllloooooo, how are you all?!

Well, the past few weeks I have been struggling because the people in our area are not progressing 
quite as much as I would like them to..  In reference to the title, well.. the Lord showed me. Of course 
after I was disappointed with our area, the Lord gave us the great blessing of two new investigators. 
It's times like this where I look back and wonder how I was ever ungrateful or unhappy with the Lord's 
blessings. HE BLESSES US. I think that's a testimony I have come to gain on my mission thus far. 
He longs to bless us. I wish I could notice more His hand in everything I experience. I'm excited to 
meet Him and see just how much influence He had on every single day. That will be amazing.

The tender mercies:

- We were able to see Jim + Janice. They are so wonderful! Janice had copied the Restoration 
pamphlet to have bigger font and she studied it and marked it all up. We were able to give them 
a large copy of the Book of Mormon and they are starting to read together!!! Wahoo! I hope the 
Spirit just catches Jim and that he will be able to pray and receive an answer that it is true.

- We met with Brother Maurer again and continued to talk about charity, love, and patience. Wow. 
Wow. Wow.. He is such an example to me. He was struggling with feeling charity for those he is 
assigned to home teach (less actives who aren't trying to live the gospel). He told us that he had 
continued praying for them and now he feels love for them as he prays. I wish everyone could be as 
wonderful as him! He is a testament that desire + action will result in conversion -- a mighty change 
of heart!

- We met with a less active we never have before -- Brother Smith. It was awesome. He let us right 
in and told us that he and his wife used to be active. He was an Elder's Quorum President at one 
point and she was a Relief Society President. He realized that he had stopped going because he 
let other things get in the way and started to become lazy. I pray that we will be able to continue 
working with them. They once were fully active and attended the Temple often.. Oh, how amazing 
it would feel to help them regain those blessings!

- Dustin was going to be at church, but it was cancelled! He had a ride set up and everything. We 
met with him Saturday, and he knows that all we share with him is leading him to baptism. He says
he hopes to be baptized between June and September. We shall see what the Lord has in store. 
I am grateful to see progression in him. 
- The Branch had a bowling activity this past Friday and it was a great turn out! Elder Tenney (a 
returned missionary who served in St. Marys) visited and was amazed at the progress of the Branch! 
There were over 70 people there, with only 4 lanes reserved. We had several less active members 
come and bring nonmember friends! Not to mention, it seemed like almost every member had invited 
and brought a nonmember friend or family member. It was a great activity to let nonmembers and 
those who are less active feel of the Spirit of unity and belonging. I loved it. 

- Okay, as for our new investigator! Her name is Phyllis. She is this adorable, sassy old lady. She 
loves to study history and do her genealogy (say what?!). She was welcome to listening to the 
message of the Restoration, but we ended up discussing her family history. We are going to have 
supper and a lesson this Tuesday evening!!! She was so willing to listen. I know it's because of 
Sisters past who built a relationship with her that her heart is softened. I am excited to see where 
this goes! I believe she would be a great asset to the little St. Marys Branch.

Sometimes when I'm living these things, I don't realize how much the Lord's hand is involved. I 
know what Nephi said is true, that "the tender mercies‍ of the Lord are over all those whom he hath 
chosen, because of their faith, to makethem mighty even unto the power of deliverance (1 Nephi 1:20).
"  How grateful I am that He really shows me, especially when I am down, that He is there and that 
all is working for good in my life. I know He does that for each and every one of us. He is dedicated 
to blessing us as we do what is necessary to receive those blessings. What a necessity in our 
lives -- to learn to be consecrated to Him, that we would continually see the tender mercies flowing 
into our lives! Look for them. They are there.

I love you all!
Sister Pound

- "You're either all in or you're playin'!" -Grace, on conversion.
- "I'm just gonna be graphic here: I was picking my nose." -Randy, investigator.
- We had a very good lesson with Tera where we made a good "sundae" and a bad "sundae" (talking 
about the Sabbath Day). It was awesome. She loved it and said she would be at church.. too bad it 
was cancelled!
- "Curiosity killed the catholic." -Grace
- I had posole at the Martinez'! Legit. It was delicious. I ate two bowlfuls.
- The Branch did a fast for missionary work yesterday, despite the fact that church was cancelled. 
They are amazing. I'm excited to see how this will affect the work in our area.
- When we went to see Dustin, he had just rolled out of bed and it took him about 30 minutes to 
wake up.. life of a missionary!

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