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tales from a twenty-year-old

February 17, 2015
What a solid week! It was filled with service, Zone Conference, exchanges, a birthday, and branch 
conference! aka: LOTS of fun as a missionary. :) It's the little joys.
We had some things happen that made me really happy:

1. BROTHER MAURER GOT HIS TEMPLE RECOMMEND!!!!! As he would say, we are doing 
"gooder than holy blinking bloody heck!" with him. He is progressing well. He has names prepared 
and is all set to go to do baptisms! Next month will mark a year that he has been baptized, so he 
will soon get to go and receive his endowments! Exciting! We are focusing a lot more on the Temple 
with our recent converts (0/4 have been) and less actives. We are seeing a lot of progression! 

2. We had some really GREAT lessons with Karen and Nate and their family! They said they need 
to start doing family prayer, so we were able to kneel down together and do it that night. It was 
amazing to feel the Spirit in that room. A family praying together is powerful. It creates unity and 
brings the Spirit of peace and love into the home. It's a beautiful feeling. Also, Karen told us she 
has "hang-ups" and needs to listen more to Heavenly Father about her answers to questions of 
whether she should be baptized. This is a jump forward from where she was taken back for a while. 

3. We found a new investigator, Dustin, who already knows the Church and The Book of Mormon 
are true! UMMM.... what?!?!?! YEAH, seriously! He has been taught by missionaries on and off for 
the past 8 years. Hopefully this is the time around where he will commit and make that next step of 
baptism! He knows he needs to be baptized. I have a good feeling about this one. I am excited to 
help him realize that baptism is a gateway and the first step of coming closer to Christ and returning 
to live with our Father in Heaven.

4. Zone Conference was exactly what I needed. HEAVENLY FATHER IS THE BEST! And I think 
President Vellinga makes it up there in the list of "Best People Ever" too! Seriously, solid gold. Every 
time. We learned a TON about our relationships with members and how we can help them to hasten 
the work. Hastening the work is through the members, not the missionaries. Ask your missionaries for 
help with talking to your friends and colleagues, etc. We train all the time in order to know how to help! 
I wish more members would ask us about how they can share the gospel in simple ways!!! 

5. We stopped by Janie (on exchanges) with Elder and Sister Joos. She hadn't been answering our 
calls or messages. She told us that she hadn't been feeling well and that her health condition 
(fibromyalgia) had gotten worse in the past week and that she had been in tons of pain. Last time we 
saw her, she was in pain and we had asked her about a priesthood blessing. She was hesitant and 
said she would have to pray about it. This time, I immediately asked her and she said, "YES!" Good 
thing Elder Joos was there and worthy in a matter of seconds. The Priesthood is such a blessing. 

6. We saw Janice and Jim again! We were sharing the Restoration and I asked if they had ever known 
anyone that they imagined Christ to be like. They started thinking and remembered a woman from the 
branch. Jim also remembered someone at Janice's baptism who was full of the Spirit and so Christlike.. 
except he didn't explain it that way. He was touching his head and kind of moving his hands. He was 
trying to explain that they were full of light! Wow. What a powerful example that it has stayed in his 
head this many years. Our light affects others.

Those are just some of the many little tender mercies that took place this past week. The gospel is 
the coolest thing in existence. I love sharing it. I love those who have real intent to change and who 
are examples to me. We need to be "continually watchful" (Moroni 6:4) and "exert every effort" 
(Preach My Gospel) to stay on course and continue living the Gospel. Heavenly Father is bound to 
bless us and we are promised the greatest of all gifts as we do so. 

Thank you for all of the birthday gifts! They were so sweet and made me feel so loved! 
I love you all! Be excellent and share the gospel, okay?! We have the best message in the world! 
Never be ashamed to own it. :)

Sister Pound 

- Brother McKee picked my nose.
- Bella puptart (little yorkie), Jacob Dracula, Drew donut, Princess Hunter, and Sister Pound tooth 
fairy are nicknames we received from Jacob, the McKee's autistic son. Apparently I wear purple and 
green as a tooth fairy!
- "While you're on your mission, you're UGLY!" -President Vellinga, trying to teach about humility.
- "If you want to know how to live, go on a mission!" -President.. just a lil hint to all of you. Make it 
a goal to serve a mission!
- "You're all going to heaven just for this Zone Conference!" -President.. I'll take it. :D

OH, I'm getting a new companera from Germany named Sister Genster.. more info next week! 

Okay, so last week we went to tour a firehouse for fun because one of the members here is a fireman..... ummm, fire poles are so tall and intimidating!!!!! I was so scared and legitimately started to cry before I went down. My hands were so sweaty... I did it, but then I collapsed on the ground. IT WAS SO SCARY!!! Try it! SEriously. It'll change your life.

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