Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hello, hello!

March 9, 2015
Happy Monday!

I don't have much time, but I have some highlights.

We were able to meet with Phyllis and talk about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. The good
 news is that she had lots of questions. The bad news is that she point blank said that she hopes we 
don't expect her to change churches. Oh well, I often forget that our calling does not say to baptize or 
convert people, but to invite them to come unto Christ! I know that as we share the precious truths 
of the restored gospel and invite people to act, that they come closer to their Savior. We're going to 
keep trying and let the Spirit work in her heart.

We also met a lady named Shannon who wasn't very interested in meeting with us, but she brought 
up that she had seen the Elders at the store she works at. We talked with her more and were able 
to have a really great conversation about faith in Jesus Christ and how it has blessed our lives. 
People are always looking at us, for ways we show our faith! Be an example and bless the lives of 
missionaries who will eventually meet the people you come in contact with. It is much appreciated. 
I had to thank the Lima Elders for being so good! It is no coincidence where and who the Lord 
directs us to. 

We had a really cool experience this week! We were looking through old Headquarter Referrals 
(aka, a missionary's dream) and choosing some to stop by. We went to Linda's later that evening. 
She had wanted Mr. Krueger's Christmas, like, 10 years ago! We just stopped by and were able to 
meet her husband (there was a note that he was mean..) and he was really nice! Then we got to 
talk with Linda and asked her if she'd ever heard of the Book of Mormon. She said she had and that 
she even had a copy somewhere. Her cousin who is a Mormon gave it to her, along with all of her 
cousins! Wow.. member missionary work is powerful! Linda explained that she already had a church 
she and her family are happy with, but I asked her if she would like to learn more about what her 
cousin believes.. and she said yes! I hope and pray that we will be able to meet with her soon. 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has the power to bring families together in a much 
more powerful way than any other church.. We have the power to bind families for eternity! Plain 
and simple. 

Make sure to look on and sign up for updates! A new video will be coming 
the 27th of March and several videos will follow. These videos will testify of Christ. This website 
and video, called "Because He Lives", will provide a great, simple way for each of us to share 
the gospel. Even by using a hashtag (#BecauseHelives) we can share with others how the Savior 
has blessed our lives. 

I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love sharing the best message on the planet Earth. I know The 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is guided by our Heavenly Father and Christ. I know 
that we need to share our testimonies with others to find how meaningful this gospel truly is to us! 
Go be amazing!

Hugs & snugs,
Sister Pound :)

- "Sacrament meeting is for the Savior." -President Vellinga
- "Inspiration follows information."
- "Sometimes we are too afraid of offending someone that we forget to save them." -T.C. Christensen
- "Time does not heal transgressions. Repentance does that." -D. Todd Christofferson
- You have to have direction to become better." -Elder Oldroyd, our Zone Leader. Amen to that!
- We stopped by this former and she came out as we pulled up.. Then she went back in her house, 
but left her door open so we could clearly see her. She laid on the couch, curled up, and wrapped 
a blanket over her whole body, peeking out to see if we were there.... We left feeling awkward. If 
you ever want to confuse the missionaries.. try this!
- We went to the Family History Center with Sister Longsworth and she got so excited when we 
found an old marriage certificate! The Spirit of Elijah touches everyone who participates in that 
great work.
- The McKees are going to the Temple so soon!!! YAY.
- "I'm not a quiet Mormon." -Brother Spears, who spoke in the Toledo Stake Conference.
- "Are you stick-ity to-ity?" -President Smith, Toledo Stake President.

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