Tuesday, March 31, 2015


March 23, 2015
Howdy!!!! Just another week here in lil St. Marys, Ohio! We are enjoying some pretty nice Spring-ish weather. :) 
Sister Genster and I had a very successful week in terms of talking with many people and inviting them to watch/share the new initiative: Because He Lives. When we invite each person to hear about the Restored Gospel, many reject us. Nonetheless, it is always special to me that sharing the spirit of Christ softens hearts. We met a cute, little old lady named Echo (she personally knew/grew up with Neil Armstrong!) and had a good 20 minute conversation with her. She looked so surprised when we offered her our service. I love being a missionary and helping people to see the goodness of Christ! 

Some other little goodies: Janie, less active of 14 years, cannot come to church now because she is in poor health. Some Branch Priesthood members took the Sacrament. We had a great lesson with her and she was so happy and.. alive! I like to think that the Sacrament can do that for a person. It was beautiful to recognize! 

Another little tender mercy, the Joos found a very humble woman, Jen, and we went and taught her. She already knows what it's like to recognize the Spirit. She said it brings peace! She feels the Spirit when she reads through her Grandpa's old, marked-up Bible. So awesome!

Choose the right. Choose to hearken to Heavenly Father's counsel! Choose to continue learning & gaining light. "I will be a light unto them forever, that hear my words." (2 Nephi 10:14) As you do, it will bring you increased joy and happiness. That's a promise from our Heavenly Father. He loves us &  desires to bless us.

Be good & do good! I love you each dearly.
Sister Aubrey Pound

***Don't forget: this Friday on helives.mormon.org, a video you can share with your friends will come out! It will be the front page of Youtube on Easter Sunday!

- We had a little birthday celebration for Elder Joos at District Meeting. Everyone wore crowns! Such good sports! We had fun.
- "Remembering is how we are tied to Him." -Sister Genster. (Tip for a good study: Look for "REMEMBER" scriptures!)
- "We're here to help people, and you're a person so we wanna help you!" -Sister Olds, so eloquently on our purpose as missionaries.
- "Respond promptly to promptings." -Larry M. Gibson
- "How often do we want the Holy Ghost to be with us? The Lord says always. Our worthiness to have this constant companionship is an excellent indicator of how well we are following Heavenly Father's plan." -Larry M. Gibson
- "No one can successfully fulfill Father's plan. . . without relying CONSISTENTLY on the Holy Ghost." -Larry M. Gibson
- That one time President was explaining missionary appropriate music and made up unapproved songs. For example: "Find a boy and take him to the Temple". Instant classic. :)
- "The good is just as real as the stuff that might be wrong!" -Sister Vellinga
- "These are the STANDARDS that WORK!" -President, on the Standard Works.
- "You have no idea the power of your smile!" -Sister Vellinga

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