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a german in our midst

February 23, 2015
Hello everyone! 

Well, transfers happened this past week and now I am with Sister Genster, who is from Germany. 
Hooray for a second international companion. (There's another Sister from the Netherlands.. what if 
I'm with her next?!) President Vellinga is giving me good reasons to travel after my mission. :) She is 
wonderful. It is really nice to have a fresh perspective on the area. Hopefully our work will start to pick 
up more and people will begin to progress.

Well, to start us off, we saw Alice again. We were able to share about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It 
was a good lesson, and we talked about baptism and the necessity to be baptized by the proper authority. 
It got a little awkward, but then we read a verse (2 Nephi 31:20) in the Book of Mormon and she loved it. 
She said it had "so much meaning". Well, we invited her to pray about it and she said she didn't want 
to because she doesn't want to change her religion. AHH! I pray her heart will be softened and that she 
will get to a point where she has to change because of the truth she will come to know. She is still 
willing to meet.. We shall see! 

We were able to have a very sweet lesson with Karen and Nate. We started over with her and went 
for the classic Restoration. Her little 2 year old was doing everything in her power to distract and make 
things go terribly.. Although there were times of distraction, we were able to get through it and recognize 
a lot of Karen's concerns. We were able to invite her to pray about baptism and to listen! Pray that she 
gets the answer she needs. She is so close! I can just feel it. 

In addition, we saw Dustin again. Okay, this kid legitimately has the Gospel Library app on his phone 
and reads the Ensign every month. WHAT?! Still amazes me how much he already knows. We retaught 
the Restoration and it went so well! He basically is saying that he is sitting on the fence and because of 
procrastination he is waiting to be baptized..... Ready for the miracle?! You know, there always is one. :) 
We had a Mission President's Fireside last night. It was amazing. Sister McKee (a recent convert of ours) 
spoke and bore her testimony along with another convert, President Vellinga, and President Smith (our 
stake president). It was absolutely solid. Dustin was able to meet President Vellinga and share his 
concerns.. Well, President just straight up asked him to jump off the fence and come enjoy it with us! 
So, Dustin 
said he is going to come to church next Sunday and I am stoked to see where this will take us. 

Hooray for wonderful progress being made! Slowly but surely. I know the Lord has His timing and if 
we will just slow down and be patient, we will see miracles. Something I am really learning lately is 
how CONSISTENT all righteous people are. Consistency is a quality of greatness.. look at Nephi, 
Joseph Smith, and Jesus Christ! My goodness, consistent obedience is the key to consistent blessings! 
Nephi was consistent in obeying, Joseph Smith was consistent in having real intent (intention to act 
on the answers he received), and Christ was consistent in doing His Father's will. They all knew where 
to turn to receive guidance. They all were patient in afflictions and trials. Let us try to be more 
consistent in doing good and right! I am sure we will see far greater blessings and feel greater joy 
in doing so.

I love you all so dearly. Have a splendid week!
Sister Pound

- We finally stayed in because of cold weather! Only for a couple hours, but still. It was different.
- Sister Genster bubblegum is the nickname she has been given from Jacob.
- I GOT MY MISSION CALL A YEAR AGO! Oh, how time flies! I can't believe I'm here and I'm living it!
- Sister Felver was teaching the Gospel Principles lesson on Honesty and was giving us a situation 
and said, "Does this dress make me look fat?... No, your fat makes you look fat!" I love St. Marys.

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