Sunday, February 1, 2015

great things in a small place

January 26, 2015

Hello there! 

This past week we had some really cool happenings in St. Marys! Our area is HUGE (as you can 
imagine) and we only go to some towns once a week, if that. (I haven't even been to every town 
in our area!) We started doing more work in a town called Spencerville and we found 3 new 
investigators this week, along with 4 super strong potentials. It was awesome. 

We met this lady and she said, "I'm sure my son would LOVE to meet with you! And I would 
like to hear more." and her name is Laura..... Laura MOHRMAN. (I want to see this lady baptized! 
Can you imagine having a Relief Society President called Sister Mohrman? And her son could go 
on a mission and be Elder Mohrman. That would be the best!!!) We continued knocking doors and 
her son starts walking toward us shortly after. We had a 10 minute conversation with him in the 
middle of someone's lawn. He was seriously so excited to meet us and said, "OH MY GOSH!!!! 
I have been looking for your church and I couldn't find it around here!" and he got even more 
excited when we gave him a Book of Mormon. They both have strong potential. I am excited to 
teach the Mohrmans about the Mormons. The miracle of the situation is that we recognized Laura's 
name from a past Headquarter Referral, but had dismissed it because the previous missionaries had 
dropped her and we thought it may be a joke because of the name. We looked back to the Referral 
printout and found that we had just relocated her as she had moved from her old address! Heavenly 
Father must really want to bring her back into His fold.

In addition, we were doing some stop-bys, drawing from our Former Investigators. We were able 
to meet a lady named Alice, and her son Dylan (13)! She invited us right in and said, "Dylan, I want 
you to see what these girls are doing! They go around and teach people about Jesus!" She then asked 
us about our missions and said, "Well, do you have any magazines or something to share? I have 
about 20-30 minutes if you want to share anything right now." UMMM... we walked right into a perfect 
missionary situation. We were able to share the Restoration with them. Alive was intently listening 
and wanted Dylan to listen as well! When we were talking, she brought up her brother, who is 
Mennonite, and recognized the peace in his home and his life. She knew it was because of the 
Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were able to testify to her that the Gospel does change homes and 
lives. It was so amazing!

We also had a wonderful lesson with Doug. We just stopped by with Elder and Sister Joos last 
week because we hadn't been able to see him in a month because of his radiation treatment. We 
went back this week were able to share more about obedience and the foundation the Gospel 
provides. He is very concerned for his granddaughters, who are both under 5 and have a very 
unstable and inconsistent living situation. We testified to him that church and the Gospel would 
help all of them. He said, "If you are of the opinion that church would be the best thing to help my 
granddaughters, then I'll bring them." Hopefully we will be seeing him at church a lot more!

That was our week in a nutshell! We have been having such wonderful things happening! I have 
been learning so much lately about the Gospel and myself! In church yesterday, President Bissegger 
told a story and said, "I think we're all three people: who we should be, who we think we are, and 
who we really are." I keep reflecting on this and how far apart each of these things are. I know that 
missionary service is helping me to become who I should be. It is shaping my life in tremendous ways. 
I can't help but reflect daily: "Am I doing what Christ would do? Am I saying what Christ would say? 
Am I being what Christ would be?"

I do love the Gospel and how it shapes me. I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, 
and for His grace. He will truly mold our lives and change our willing hearts! 

Much love to you, from me!
Sista Aubrey Pound 

- "Most of you are so sweet, it's doggone pitiful!" -Brother Maurer
- "THAT WEASEL-FACE!" -Brother Parsons 
- We were knocking some doors and a guy motions for us to come from his car. So we cross the 
street and it took a while, but we finally figured out he was a member from Lima! We had a good 
20 minute conversation with him. I love little things like this! :)
- Petting 10 of the cutest Mastiff pups and seeing a cow named Chloe!!!! Classic St. Marys situation. 
Everyone has 50 pets, I think.
- Having two dinners in the same night....... remind us to never double-book ourselves. We felt so 
sick afterwards! I can never look at Dairy Queen ice cream cake quite the same..
- "You can't draw from an empty well!" -Elder Bateman. I thought this a good reminder that we need 
to prepare ourselves continually to share the gospel! Scripture study + prayer will make a difference!

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