Wednesday, February 11, 2015

cold toes & a full heart

February 9, 2015
It was a slow, slow, slow week, though we did have some really good happenings....

We had an awesome lesson with Sister Mckee (a recent convert) about Temple and family history work.. 
She already has a binder full of her family tree that her uncle has been working on over the years! 
SO COOL! Just another thing to add to her story of how prepared she was for the Gospel.. 
The story: Her husband was a less active member and they have been married for about 10 years. 
He was waiting the whole time for her to want to learn about the Church, but he didn't want to make 
waves, so he just waited for the right moment. The Sisters (about 9 months ago) knocked on their door 
and Sister McKee answered. She politely told them that she was not interested and that her husband 
was not an active member of our Church anymore.. well, she ended up referring herself on 
and they went back, started teaching the both of them, and Brother McKee was able to baptize Sister 
McKee in August! He told her in the first lesson that he had been waiting and that he wanted to be 
married to her for eternity! Hooray for prepared people. We are hoping to get them to the Temple 
soon to do baptisms as preparation for August, when they can be sealed!!! So exciting!  

We also had a wonderful lesson with Sister Longsworth, a less active member. We also talked about 
Temple and family history work! This work is so awesome and really excites people. It's something 
that I have seen touch the hearts of many! She is so excited to start her work and we will meet with 
her this week in our family history center at the church.. she hasn't been to church in YEARS. Just 
getting her in the building and feeling the Spirit will be amazing and much needed. We will see how 
that goes this week..

We have just been having some awesome lessons where we are learning the concerns of so many! 
We are hoping that we can help them all to resolve their concerns. Lee & Deb (less actives) were open 
with us and told us they struggle with the Word of Wisdom (smoking); Janice + Jim (active/nonmember) 
told us they have a lot of questions; and Sister Bayman (less active) told us that she doesn't know if 
she's gained a personal witness of The Book of Mormon. So many things to help people with! I LOVE 
my calling! I love helping people come to a knowledge of the same truth I have enjoyed knowing my 
whole life. 

The best thing, by  far, was when we were at the Felver's for our Friday night dinner. He has been 
having a tough past 3 weeks at work and was really tired. Sister Felver read us a text he sent to her 
earlier that day.. it was SO sweet! A little over a year ago, Brother Felver was drinking about 12 beers 
a day and downing a half gallon of "Jack" on weekends. He said in his text, "Hey, could you do me a 
favor and go pick me up a half gallon of Jack at the store? Been a rough day." and then, "Actually, no.. 
I'd rather spend eternity with my wife and kids." AHHH! Do you even understand how much the Gospel 
CHANGES lives. It does! It really does. Brother Felver is so awesome. The Felvers are awesome. 
They are miracles. They have come to love the Gospel and love living it! 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the best. It really is the most powerful thing in existence that can 
change us. Living the Gospel brings happiness, peace, and blessings every single day! I love it. I am 
so grateful to have had good parents who taught me the truth of that!

That's all for now! I love you folks!

Sister Aubrey Pound 

"Are you pooping on the phone now?!?!" -Eli, 6.
- "Don't come back! GONE. NOW." -a really mean guy.
- "The best way to recognize the Spirit is to make sure we always have it with us." -Sister Thomas
- "I'm just stuck there trying to say a prayer with a guy trying to steal the Holy Ghost from me!" -Elder 
Bateman, about this guy who literally got on his hands and knees, crawled over, and put his head 
underneath his hands to try and receive the Holy Ghost..... Strange life for sure.
- Esteven, a crazy investigator of the other Sisters, has such a strong witness of the Book of Mormon. 
He read 2 Nephi 29 ("A Bible! A Bible! We have got a Bible!") and was talking to his brother on the 
phone about it. His brother was concerned about him meeting with missionaries and this other "Bible" 
(The Book of Mormon) that we claim to have. Esteven just read him that part of the chapter and said, 
"Look, man. God is calling you a fool! This is exactly what you said to me!" Good stuff. 
- We got a Headquarter Referral for a man named Tom and went to stop by. We gave him a Bible and 
a Book of Mormon and he just said, "Well, I want to get my whole family involved in this." UMM... 
please do!
- "And we just want to pray this prayer in Jesus precious name, and say Amen." -Brother Maurer, every 
time he prays! He is just so humble!

P.S. HEY, my birthday is coming up on February 14th and my current address is:

1810 Winston Drive
St. Marys, OH 45885

This might be a subtle hint to write me a letter or draw me a lil picture or something. :) That would 
make my day!

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