Monday, January 26, 2015

a really really really good time!

January 20, 2015
Howdy ho all! How the heck are ya?!

Some time at the Felver's is never disappointing! I got to hold some baby goats and a duck and it 
was glorious!!! 

Well, this past week we were able to meet with our investigator, Carl, just stopping by. It was a good 
visit! He had been able to read some of the Book of Mormon and didn't like how the men kept turning 
wicked.. Welcome to the pride cycle.. over and over again in the Book of Mormon.. :) We talked some
 more about it and how it supports the Bible and can help us study more about Christ and come 
closer to Him. Eventually by the end he was so excited to ask God if it was true! He is such a sweet 
old man! When he tells us about his spiritual experiences, he gets all teary-eyed.

We had some really great experiences with members this past week. We had invited Sister Martinez 
to come with us to two lessons, but both ended up cancelling. She invited us over and we made cookies
to deliver. We went to dinner at the Davis family's on Sunday night and they asked what they can 
specifically do to support the work in our area. It was so nice! These are just two little experiences that 
really made a missionary's day! There is nothing better than super supportive members who want to be 
involved with the work!

I would encourage each of you to get involved in the Lord's work in some way. It is a great way we learn 
to become more like Christ. I know that it brings greater peace and fulfillment to our everyday, sometimes
monotonous lives! 

I love you all!
Sister Pound 

- "Well that went over just about as well as a pregnant pole vaulter!" -Brother Davis
- "I don't care what's being said.. Any time someone says 'fart on a vent'... now THAT'S funny!" -Brother 
- When I accidentally told a random lady at her door that we love her......... Worst door approach ever. 
We laughed about that for a long while.

P.S. HEY, my birthday is coming up on February 14th and my current address is:

1810 Winston Drive
St. Marys, OH 45885

This might be a subtle hint to write me a letter or draw me a lil picture or something. :) That would 
make my day!

Monday, January 19, 2015

WOOHOO! 6 months of missionary work!

January 12, 2015

hola familia y amigos, 

Here is something I've said, and I'm saying again: I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! 
I will never stop saying that.

This past week was arctic. With wind chill, some days were in the negatives.. Needless to say,
this is not San Diego! I am not used to this cold weather! Missionary work in the cold is.. different 
and a lot slower. 

A super huge miracle happened this week right before our eyes!!! We hadn't been able to meet 
with our investigator, Karen, for about a month. She was avoiding our calls and texts. He less-active 
husband, Nate, could never meet because of his work schedule. We decided to go shovel their 
driveway on Thursday. After we finished, we left to go to an appointment. Later, we were prompted 
to stop by again. Karen answered the door and looked so happy to see us.. Well, Nate just so 
happened to be home too!!!! They are almost never home together because they work opposite shifts. 
Karen still has a lot of concerns, but having Nate there was such a blessing! They told us they 
knew that the Sisters had been there and shoveled their driveway. We were able to share 
Matthew 7:15-20 and talked about the fruits they have seen from attending church and meeting 
with missionaries. Karen had been coming to church consistently for 4 months, then stopped and 
said she lost her testimony. (And I quote: "Well, I used to believe in Santa Claus.") She hasn't been 
to church in a long long while. The last time Nate went to church was in July. Their hearts were 
softened and they said they would be at church on the 18th. We were happy with that. Fast forward 
to Sunday morning during announcements.. who walks in?!? Their whole family! They brought their 
3 little children. AHHH!!! Our mouths dropped and that moment brought tears to our eyes! SUCH a 
tender mercy! They stayed for as long as they could (the first two hours) and hopefully we will meet 
with them again very soon! 

I was able to speak in church yesterday. It was such cool experience! I talked for 15 minutes and 
it flew by. I used to hear my friends who were on missions say that and think, "That will never be 
me!" Giving a talk is almost torture because I procrastinate so well. haha, well.... I have learned 
a lot on my mission and it was put to good use! It was the first talk where I didn't write it all down 
and read it. #adultstatus? I talked about unity and the miracles that come when our families, 
branches/wards, and we are unified with Heavenly Father and Christ.

I know that I am part of Heavenly Father's work and that it is moving forward! I know that our 
Heavenly Father is looking out for each of us and gives us tender mercies to let us know of His 
love and individual care. I know that the Savior's Atonement has great power that we each need 
in our lives. I know these things because I have seen good fruits come of living the Gospel! I am 
full of joy as I give more of myself in service of the Lord.

hugs & snugs,
Sista Pound

What did you eat for breakfast? is a very good get-to-know-you question, apparently. 
- "Nothing's in pasta bowl with God." -A misheard interpretation, courtesy of my brain.
- "Our Heavenly Father builds Temples to let us know He wants to be with us. We attend the 
Temple to let Him know we want to be with Him." -Brother Viola, Stake High Council 
- "Don't ya know better than to ICE SKATE, ya old fart?!?" -Brother Yule, about Brother Parsons 
who slipped on the ice.
- "Adversity becomes adventure in the service of the Lord." -M. Russell Ballard

Sunday, January 11, 2015

happy 2015!

January 6, 2015
It finally snowed!!!! It's pretty crazy, the high for this next week is about 15 degrees. Snow boots 
and skirts. #workinit This morning for exercise we shoveled our neighbor's driveways! It's fun 
enough for now. :)

Our New Year's was spent doing one of my most favorite things as a missionary: SLEEPING! 
We followed a regular schedule and went to bed at 10:30, woke up at 6:30, and it was a new year! 
We did celebrate on New Year's Eve by going to McDonald's for some ice cream. On New Year's, 
Sister Hunter and I went to the Felver's and had "pork and sauerkraut" for lunch. I held my breath 
and had a bite of sauerkraut because I wanted my New Year's luck that apparently comes with it!

I got to have a full back-country experience and gather wood, then I split a log with an axe!!!! haha, 
the Felvers said that both Sister Hunter and I have lost our "city slicker status". WAHOO!! I have 
been accepted here. :) Sister Hunter and I will be staying together for another transfer. Hopefully 
lots of new, exciting things and miracles will be happening! I will keep you updated. :D

Sorry for the short email and the lack of info on those who we are teaching. I will make up for it 
next week!

I love you all!
Sister Pound 

P.S. This doesn't fit in with anything else, but I got peed on by a dog this week. Life of a missionary. 
Thank goodness I was wearing boots!