Monday, December 1, 2014


9:08 AM (11 hours ago)

I hope your Thanksgiving was absolutely grand! I had a wonderful time going to three different 
member's homes and joining their families. I helped to make TWENTY pounds of mashed potatoes. 
We ate the Felver's turkey, named Rex. He was delicious! I loved everything, except the moment 
when I felt so full that I almost threw up, hahah.

We had some little miracles this week, as always. It was really difficult to meet with people because 
of the holiday. Anyways, we found a new investigator, James, who was a former investigator. We went 
and retaught him the Restoration and he loved it! He is excited to read the Book of Mormon. It was a 
testament to me that people are always being prepared to hear the gospel and will eventually reach 
a point that is the right time for them to accept it!

I especially felt that as I saw the other Sister's two investigators, Sandro y Ramiro, be baptized. 
These men are from Mexico, here in Ohio to work. They bore their testimonies in Spanish. I only 
understood parts, but Sister Hunter understood a lot more. It was awesome. They have really 
impressive testimonies already. They told about how they knew that they came to Ohio to make a 
better life for their families back home, but more importantly to hear the restored gospel. The 
Sisters were prepared to find them and they were prepared to hear the message they shared. 

There are people all around us being prepared to hear the message of the Restoration of the Gospel 
of Jesus Christ. It is really scary trying to share it with everyone, sometimes! This Christmas season 
is the best time to share with people how Jesus Christ can bless their life, by sharing with them how 
He has blessed your life! 

Encourage people to visit and watch the new Mormon Message, "He is the 
Gift". Also be sure to look at the homepage of youtube on December 7th! Such amazing things are 
available for us to share with our friends and those we meet.

Sista Pound :}

"This work will go forward till every land and people have had opportunity to accept our message. 
Barriers will come down for us to accomplish this mission, and some of us will see this done. Our 
Heavenly Father will cause conditions in the world to change so that His gospel can penetrate every 
border. . . We must prove, every day of our lives, that we are willing to do the will of the Lord—to 
spread the restored gospel, to bear testimony to the world, to share the gospel with others." -President 
Gordon B. Hinckley

- When Sister Hunter and I accidentally broke the Word of Wisdom because we didn't check the 
ingredients.. awkward missionary moment. We drank a little green tea because it was in the drink 
a less-active gave us. :P
- When Sister Hunter and I got lost on dark country roads because we couldn't take our normal route, 
due to a semi blocking the whole road.. She totally thought she had the right way. Garmin kindly 
directed us back to our route!
- Job 30:29 is a funny verse. (And is quite possibly one of Ashley's new favorites? Let me know!)
- Brother Parsons instinctively reached for his pocket knife thingy and then I pulled out my tiny 
pocket knife. We stood holding them at each other.. he laughed pretty hard. Yeah, basically someone 
pulled a knife on me, but it's cool, it was in a church building all in good fun. :)
- I ATE SQUIRREL. Legitimately tasted like chicken. 
- "Me llamo Sandro, y soy Mexicano.. Obviamente!" -Sandro, recent convert. (<-- Mom, correct me 
if I got this Spanish wrong!) No one laughed, besides me & Sister Hunter, because we actually 
understood.. hahah

Sister Pound's Mission Definitions:
- eye-probers: aka pens, coined by Brother Parsons. Used as a defense mechanism.
- city-slicker: Someone not from the country? I don't really know.. the Felvers call me this., haha.

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