Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Livin' in St. Marys

Hellllllloooooo. :)

Well, this past week was so amazing! Actually, it was Mission Conference that made it amazing! 
On Monday night, we travelled 4 hours to the mission home to stay the night. We got to study the 
scriptures with President Vellinga that night. The next morning, we traveled to Kirtland. I got to see 
all of my friends that I have served with and from the MTC! We all gathered in the Kirtland Temple 
for a first session, where we heard testimonies, musical numbers, and sang! Singing our mission 
song in the Kirtland Temple was SO POWERFUL. (By the way, how awesome is the Ohio 
Cleveland Mission?! We have our own song!) We all ate lunch together at the Kirtland Stake Center 
and watched a slideshow of photos we sent in. After that, we were able to go to the Kirtland Visitors' 
Center and see tons of nativities from around the world! We ended in the Chapel of the church building, 
where President talked to us. It was so so so good. I wish you could've been there. It changed my 

For all of December, we are using He is the Gift (video found on christmas.mormon.org) and we are 
required to talk to at least 10 people a day about it! We have fancy passalong cards and everything. 
It has been fun to meet so many new people as we step out of our comfort zones and talk with 
everyone! We have even found a new investigator because of our efforts. His name is Richard 
and he is an adorable old man who loves to smoke his pipe. He has such a simple and genuine 
testimony that we are children of God and that Jesus loves us. I am excited to see what happens 
with him! We also had an awesome lesson with our investigator, Doug, who said that baptism is 
a goal he is working towards! It seemed like everything was trying to divert the conversation in that 
lesson, but eventually it turned out really well. 

I absolutely love teaching simple doctrines, principles, and commandments of the Gospel. When 
someone understands for the first time, it is a good feeling. When they gain a testimony of it, that is 
the best feeling! I love my purpose as a missionary.I just love my mission! I am so grateful to be in 
Ohio right now. :}

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season. 

Love from your sista,
Sister Aubrey Pound

- "How do you keep your plants looking so nice?" -Elder Joos, to Brother Kohli (who has artificial plants..)
- "I LOVE encouraging people to do dumb things!" -S. Hunter, after I did a dumb thing she encouraged 
me to do.
- We almost collided with a semi when Elder Joos was driving, then Sister Joos sassily proclaimed, 
"We MUST have a guardian angel or something!"
- "It's gonna be funtastic!!!" -S. Hunter
- "I was gonna say drive like a grandma, but that can be scary too!" -President, trying to tell us to 
drive safely.
- > "If you don't sing at Christmastime, you're dumb!" -President Vellinga
  > "Say that nicer." -Sister Vellinga
  > "If you don't..... we still.. love you." 
- "Keep your eyes open all the time." -B. Kohli, who likes to talk to us about boys even though we're 
- "Do you Sisters shave your legs?" -President, who gets weirder and better by the minute as you 
listen to him speak.
- UMMM, it's adorable as heck when Helaman calls the Stripling Warriors his "little sons". Falling in 
love with the Book of Mormon.

Sister Pound's Mission Definitions:
- #livin'instmarys: A song (also, hashtag) we made up. We sing it whenever something happens 
that would only happen in St. Marys. Like when two guys are talking about how hitting deer in your 
car is way better and more effective than shooting them. Like when we have to drive two hours to 
get to every meeting. Y'know, we're just livin' in St. Marys!
- Mission Conference: Like Zone Conference, but BETTER. All 250 of the missionaries in the 
Ohio Cleveland Mission get together and we feel the Spirit and eat food and have the best of times!

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