Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Christmas - Monday December 22, 2014

Hello! I hope you all are enjoying this Christmas season just as much as I am! 

I am so so so excited to Skype my family this Thursday! I will just share some little miracles of this past week:

1. Well, Sister Hunter and I were in desperate need of contacts yesterday, so we decided to do a little tracting on Beech Street. 
We were able to talk to 40 people and gain 7 potential investigators from this effort! WAHOO!
2. We had no idea how to use our time last night at 7:30 and it was dark out so we had to stop by someone we already knew. 
We went to a former, named Annette, and she is investigating again! She read from the Book of Mormon on her own and has lots 
of questions! 

I love you all a very lot! I hope each of you know that your Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ LOVE you. They are there for you. 
Christmas is a wonderful time to remember them and all that they do for us! I hope you spend time with those you love and enjoy it. 

hugs & snugs,
Sister Pound :}

- I got to hold the most adorable two week old kittens!!!! I died.
- We got to use the Zone Leader's truck for a day while they were picking up our new(er) car! Adventure! We got a ticket 
one morning because their plates were expired. Only $1.. and they had to pay. :P
- "Shingle Bells" now has a completely different meaning when your companion has shingles.
- Annette dropped the Sisters last time because her dog peed on one of them. I couldn't pet her dog the whole time because 
she asked me not to.. apparently he gets pretty excited! 
- Fun fact: It takes 3 Sister missionaries to capture and kill a spider.

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