Wednesday, December 31, 2014

a new year!!!

Hi everyone! How are you? How was your Christmas?! 

My Christmas was absolutely wonderful! You'd think that holidays as a missionary would be tough 
and I mean, they are.. but they are so good! They are awesome because we get to spend time with 
amazing people who allow us to be a part of their families! I loved to spend time Skyping my family 
at home. It was weird to hear them say that I haven't missed much of anything! WHAT?! I thought 
life was still happening there!!! :)

We did lots of caroling this week and you would think that no one in Ohio has ever had people come 
to their doors singing -- we had some people leave the door open and walk away & some people even 
closed their door on us! It was so precious to see all the little old people who would look confused, 
then look so surprised. We even had some people who got all teary-eyed. The Christmas Spirit is 
so incredible! I LOVE IT. I am blessed to have been a missionary at this time of year. It has been 
a blessing to share the Spirit of Christ with others more freely and to spread cheer! 

On Christmas Eve we were able to go to the Kiefer's house (2nd counselor), with the Bisseggers 
(Branch President), Martinez' (Executive Secretary), and Joos' (Senior Missionaries). It was so 
much fun! We ate a delicious dinner, which started a trend of overeating for the next couple of days.. :) 
We did a white elephant and it was funny because everyone could so clearly tell which presents 
came from the missionaries. We wrapped a Book of Mormon in a whole toilet paper roll..... worth it!

Christmas was spent with the Felver, Davis, and Roode families! At the Felver's we had taco pizza 
and they surprised us with nice gifts and a gingerbread house that was the most intricate I have ever 
seen. I love the Felvers. They are so converted to  the gospel. It was an interesting time of reflection 
for them because they came back to the Church this past year. I loved to hear Brother Felver talk 
about how he would never fall away again and how the gospel has blessed his life! They are a funny
family and have such a different way of life. I got a picture of all of them holding their guns!!! haha. 
Next we went to the Davis' to Skype and EAT! (Common theme here!) They are such good examples
 of loving one another and being Christlike. Seriously, they are a celestial family. We had fun helping 
with the food and playing games with the kids! Lastly, we went to the Roode's and played a mean 
game of Trivial Pursuit. Let me tell you.. mission brain makes that game so hard!!! hahah, it was a 
lot of fun because the Roodes are extremely intelligent people! 

On Saturday, Sister Hunter and I got to help the Felvers clear out their "pasture" area by their house.
We moved branches and stacked wood and Brother Felver casually CHOPPED DOWN SOME TREES. 
We also had the most awkward lesson of our lives that night. Some people are just so shy and 
weird. hahah, the way people live and work here is just so different! If there is one thing I have come 
to appreciate and love about St. Marys, it is that it reminds me that I still have A LOT to see, learn, 
and do in my lifetime. 

I am so grateful to have such an amazing calling. Can you believe that my whole 2015 will be spent 
as a missionary?! I am so excited to see many more miracles!!! I hope you all remember to make 
some good goals for this new year. It is a great opportunity for us to think about how we can change 
and become closer to our Father in Heaven and Savior, Jesus Christ. I have been thinking a lot about 
the scriptures Omni 1:26 and Helaman 3:35. I hope that this new year I can learn to serve and love 
more than ever before!

I love you all dearly and pray for you! 

hugs&snugs (the last of 2014),
Sister Aubrey Pound

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