Monday, November 24, 2014

St. Marys is swell


Well, transfers happened. Welcome to transfer 4, y'all. My new companion is Sister Hunter from 
Colorado! We are working in the St. Marys branch, in the very corner of the Ohio Cleveland mission.
I get to work mainly in a little town called Wapakoneta. Very cute downtown areas and beautiful 
remodeled farm houses. We do service in one of the members barns, feeding their chickens, 
bunnies, goats, turkeys, etc. Fun fun stuff. :} I am happy!

This past week was super crazy because of transfers. I said "see ya!" to a lot of folks in Massillon, 
and I cried. Then, I packed up all of my stuff in to two large suitcases, a little grocery tote, a duffle, 
and a plastic tub. The drive to St. Marys, in total, was about 5 hours from the meeting. I'm out here 
in the boonies! (Not a Target in sight!) 

I love St. Marys thus far. The members are absolutely dedicated to the work, the people we visit
are awesome, and the amount of Spanish speakers gives me hope that I might be learning Spanish
real soon, haha. 

I have been thinking a lot about Thanksgiving coming up, of course. I will miss my family and 
everything about being home because, well, it's home. But I am making a sort of home here, too. 
I am learning to love the people and count my blessings in this time of change. 

I am grateful for this time of year we are blessed with to remember specifically all of our blessings.
I am so extremely blessed with all of the family and friends I have, and for the time I have to serve 
and share the knowledge that has brought peace and joy to my life. I am learning that counting our 
blessings is a sure way to bring us out of our own little pity parties and lift us to happiness. 
Remember Alma 34:38 this week --

"Live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies & blessings which [God] doth bestow
upon you."

I love you all! I know that your Heavenly Father loves you and blesses you. Look for His hand 
in your life and you will see it, undoubtedly.

Eat some extra mashed potatoes for me!!! :}
hugs & snugs,

Sista Pound

"Anything I can get my hands on, young lady!" -B. Maurer, a recent convert who loves the 
gospel and wants to learn/study everything. Such a cool example. 
- "Are you gonna go home and have some cheesecake or something?! Do something good for 
yourselves!" -James, soon-to-be investigator.
- "I think you're normal." -B. Kohli, cute old man we visit.
- "You know what else is intense (in-tents)?! CAMPING." -S. Hunter
- "Let's sing the mission song and show these new missionaries how the Mormon Tabernacle 
Choir SHOULD sound!" -President Vellinga
- "I don't know where I'd be without [the church].. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else." -S. Mitchell, AMEN.

Declan McLiver.. he said I was his favorite missionary! :) hehe, I felt special

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