Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sep 29

It really only has been 3.5 days. I'll give yinz a short update. 

We have a new Investigator, Mary! Remember a couple weeks back when I talked about meeting with Less Actives we never had before? Well, she is the girlfriend of Troy, one of those Less Actives. The cool thing is, she just moved here from Toronto, Ohio, where she was being taught by missionaries! We are so excited to teach her because she has genuine desire to learn. She has lost both of her parents in the last year (Her dad's passing was just a few weeks ago.). She is at a point where the Gospel will help her so greatly!

Another awesome thing: Matt was ordained!!! He had on a new suit and everything. It is the best to see him progressing so much within the Gospel.

- "I think God knows something we don't!" -President Uchtdorf
- On Sunday in Relief Society, the teacher was going over President Uchtdorf's last conference address. When she announced his name, Fran says, "He's gorgeous." Then the teacher started agreeing, then the WHOLE Relief Society, saying, "Oh yeah, he is." "He's easy on the eyes." "And that accent!" and other crazy things. I love the Massillon ward.
- "We're always trying to find Fran a man!" -Sister Fry, to a visitor in Relief Society
- Sister Baxter told us all about her mammogram. 'Nuff said on that point. 
- When Carolyn, our Investigator, was telling us that her friend just always dominates the conversation and doesn't pause to rest and, "taaaalks, talks, talks, talks, talks!".... Meanwhile, she was doing the exact same. Good thing the story was funny enough to laugh at, otherwise I probably would've died.
- Mary and Troy gave us so much food and their fresh BACON from the butcher.. Good people are good.

Sister Pound's Mission Definitions:
yinz: aka the Ohioan way to say "you guys"

The General Women's Meeting was so amazing. So much excitement for General Conference coming up this weekend!!! I loved the little Korean choir and the medley that the choir sang. Those two numbers made my heart oh-so happy. President Uchtdorf's umbrella analogy was awesome; all missionaries will be using that for so long, haha. I know that as we prepare for conference, we will get so much more out of it. I'll just quote Preach My Gospel now, because it says it best:

"We are to prepare ourselves so that when the prophets & apostles speak, the Holy Ghost can confirm the truths they teach, and we can determine to follow the counsel they give us." 

One simple way we can prepare is to think of a specific question (or several) and write them down. We will receive much more when we do this, as we open our hearts and minds to the thoughts & feelings of the Spirit. I hope that you all will do this, as I do it! Let me know how it goes. :}

love ya for always,

Sista Pound

P.S. Just a head's up, P-Day is next Tuesday due to it being transfer week! I will have exciting news then.

P.P.S. Go to on Saturday and Sunday for General Conference. Don't miss it!

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