Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oct 7

I'm still alive! Even after three months!
It has been a meeting-filled week!!!
Okay, update on Mary. We went over for dinner and at the end of the night, she told us that she had to tell us something next time we came. So we go again two nights later, when Troy wasn't home. She was like, "I've been looking at this website about Mormons.." so I got really scared, because she could've been looking at anti or something. But then she said, "Yeah, I just had to google how I could become a member of your church. I learned about baptism and other stuff." (!!!!!) My mouth kinda dropped. It was a stellar moment. Mary is going to progress because she has so much desire! She watched conference and loved it. AHHH! I am excited. 

  > "Happy birthday, loser!" -Sister Olson, to Sister Helms (it was her actual birthday).
- "This is our 'we love our kids more than our furniture' couch!" -Sister McLiver
- "Are you freakin' for real?!" -Sister Baxter. She also called Bobby a "nerdbutt" this day.
- Some kind soul TOTALLY did a random act of kindness and left quarters by the washer and dryer in our complex. It's the little things. :D

Sister Pound's Mission Definitions:
- tiwi: These little monitoring devices in our cars that give out warnings for our driving, including "check your speed", "aggressive driving", and "RPM violation". If we get too many warnings, we lose driving privileges. #missionperks?
- shoeshoe: aka a shitzu (dog). Another day, another Sister Baxter word.
- TRICK-or-TRACT: a term coined by Elder Mitchell for the Halloween season of missionary work.. Actually, we're not allowed to even be out Halloween night. But in all honesty, we just may do this. Pass-along cards with a piece of candy attached!

Something Mary said when we first met her is still in my mind. She was talking about how she had searched other religions and preachers and told us that Mormons are the only religion where people actually live what they preach. She also said, "Well, nowadays people are mostly preaching positivity. But... I think we need something more! We need to follow more than just having a positive outlook" or something to that extent. I think it is so cool to think about that -- we need the Gospel because of the FOUNDATION it gives. We are taught to be positive and hopeful, but we also need something sure, something more than happy thoughts. We need something that changes us and helps us become better. I love that about the Gospel. It truly is an anchor.


Sista Aubrey Pound :}
P.S. My trainer, Sister Hodson, is being transferred tomorrow! I will be getting a new companion. Photos to come.

P.P.S. By this time tomorrow, I will no longer be a "greenie". Sad day! I'll cherish every minute I have left of being the new kid. :)

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