Sunday, October 19, 2014

      Oct 13

      welcome to transfer 3 & a new companera

hola familia y amigos!!!

So, sometimes transfers happen and sometimes I get a new companion! Her name is Sister Haenga 
and she is from Australia, of all places.  No one in Massillon can say her name and it's pretty funny. 
She is great and we might've almost hit two deer on the way to Mary's house yesterday, but it's okay! 
The Lord protected us.

Anyways, that'll probably be a story better told when I come home so my mom doesn't freak out
that I'm driving now.. :}

This past week was a stressful, but really awesome one. (Aren't they all? Yep.) Mary is praying about
a baptismal date! It is so stinking cool to see how the Lord prepares people to hear the Gospel. 
He really does. Because I am certainly not a perfect teacher, or a perfect conversationalist, or a 
perfect listener, but He is doing so much work with her, nonetheless. He definitely works through us. 
The Spirit is awesome.

Another way the Spirit is awesome: He motivates people to do good! And to learn and grow. Crystal, 
a less active we visit, is reading the Book of Mormon daily and praying. So exciting! It's small and 
simple things that mean the most. I know it is through small & simple things that we do that the 
Lord allows great things (and miracles) to happen.

- Amish country was cool, but it wasn't that Amish. But let me tell you, Amish rolls are the bomb.
- "You better go to heaven, Sister Pound!" -President Vellinga, at transfer meeting.
- I almost hit two deer (got my FIRST aggressive driving.. ahh!), a drunk guy was walking at our 
moving vehicle, and we got lost in the dark. Remind me to tell you about it later and we'll laugh.
- "I've got the memory of a pea!" -Fran

This past week was stressful, like I said. But, I am still going! I know that the Lord gives me 
strength each day. I know that He is so willing to listen to us and our needs when we pray to Him. 
He knows each and every one of us, and He cares! I know that He will bless us immensely if 
we will simply thank Him for all we have and continue to live His commandments.

Keep doing good and being good! I love you all.

hugs & snugs,

Sister Pound

p.s. To you, with the face: Hey! What's up?! How's life? Tell me about it. Shoot me an email or 
send me a little love note at the address my mom has posted. She will keep it updated!

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