Monday, October 20, 2014

hey now

sup y'alllllll~

Well, this past week we had exchanges and I really loved it. It felt good compared to the last time 
I stayed when I was in training and was so nervous. I noticed that I was a lot more confident, 
especially in knowing the area! Progress is good. :) 

I've been struggling a lot lately with missing home and feeling discouraged, but the Lord always
gives me peace. And He lets me witness miracles. That is seriously the coolest thing about being 
a missionary. 

So, we had a less active, Crystal, that has been working with the missionaries for at least 5 months, 
come to church yesterday! It was amazing. We extended a Book of Mormon challenge to her a 
month ago and since then she has been reading and praying daily. She finally came to church and
felt the Spirit so strongly! She met with the Bishop and committed to never miss a week (when she's 
not working -- every other week she will be able to come!). So many exclamation points because 
I am so happy for her!!! She kept crying and saying, "It feels so good to be back!" I love knowing
that I am able to help her through the power of the Holy Ghost. 

Another exciting development: The Thomas' both got their Temple and Patriarchal Blessing 
Recommends! They walked out of the Bishop's office with the happiest faces. Stephanie actually
 went less active when she was 16 because her Bishop told her she wasn't ready to get her blessing.
AH! So cool that she finally has that! I love being able to witness the work the Lord is doing. 

Here's a little advice from President Vellinga:

1.) Love your mission (or your life).
2.) Believe in Miracles.
3.) Anchor yourself in the word of God.
4.) Go to heaven.

Miracles are alive and well, & I hope you are too! Let me know how you're doing! :}. 

I'll love ya 5ever (that's longer than forever),

Sista Aubrey Pound 

p.s. David Archuleta is a beautiful human being. 

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