Thursday, September 25, 2014

You look so much better when you smile!

family + friends,
So many exciting things have happened and are continuing to happen!

Firstly, Matt is being ordained this Sunday. :) I am so happy for him!
Secondly, the Saints Unified Voices directed by Gladys Knight came to our mission!!! We got to go
to the fireside, which was a missionary opportunity for all members (and us) to bring people, as 
Gladys and her husband bore their testimonies of Jesus Christ and the restored Gospel! It was so 
awesome. The music was stellar and Gladys Knight is so beautiful. She sang "I Stand All Amazed" 
and the choir did all sorts of gospel songs. When she was walking down the aisle at the beginning,
she was super close to me because I was on the edge of a row..... She's so beautiful! I loved the 
whole thing. The best part was that we had potential investigators, recent converts, and less actives
Thirdly, effects of the fireside were awesome. Sarah, an excommunicated member, and her
boyfriend, Draimon, came! They were touched by the Spirit so strongly. They have been to church
 the past 2 weeks in a row!!! We met with them two days after and are beginning to teach them 
and their kids twice a week. They are so ready to change and learn and grow! I love it. 

- "What am I?! A potted plant?!" -Sister Olson
- "Dear Lord,if you restored your true church, why did you have to give it to a white boy?!" -William 
McDowell, Gladys Knight's husband.
- "They make da BEST green jello, y'all! I am not kidding!... But I had to teach them how to make
 fried chicken!" -Gladys Knight, about Mormons.
- Getting home at 12:10 AM after the fireside. #dailyschedule?
"What did Heavenly Father say to Abinadi when he got to heaven? Well done." -Sister Mc
- "It's called self control! Some people have that!" -Sister Helms, to me.
- When Elder Teh was relating to Finding Nemo and couldn't remember the name of the dad and
all the missionaries shout out, "MARLIN!" all sassy.... hahah 
- "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" -Lucifer (yes, Satan.)
- Weeding gardens is scary, mainly bc 50 million spiders live in the soil. Also, bees attacked me
 more than once this week.
- "I love these girls. Because they're pretty." -Ben, 8, autistic kid who we teach bc he is scared to
 be baptized!
- "You're the BEST missionary, because you're pretty.... You have the prettiest hair." -Ben, to Sister

Sister Pound's Mission Definitions:
- hoarding solution: aka a basement or a garage (coined by Carolyn, our 80-year old investigator.)
- clover tracting: When we stop by a potential's and then knock the houses on either side and 
directly across the street. We do this when we need to find new investigators!

We had Zone Conference yesterday with Elder Teh, of the Quorum of the 70. He is such a great
teacher! We heard from him and our other leaders. I am so motivated to be better and to work
harder! I am doing my best to be better each day, to be more obedient and to love everything that 
comes my way. It's a conscious effort. I make changes because I am trying to be more like my 
Savior, Jesus Christ. I have this set apart time to be His representative and I am so happy for
that blessing!

"Happiness is the object and design of our existence." -Joseph Smith  
Forget not to be happy NOW! :}

hugs & snugs,

Sista Aubrey Pound

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