Wednesday, September 3, 2014



This past week was so exciting!!! Lots of great things.
Refer to above title for one said "great thing"!!!!!!! MATT GOT BAPTIZED (and confirmed). Eternal family in the making. I am so happy, he is so happy, they are so happy! HAPPY. Too much goodness. We will continue teaching their family and Matt will receive the Priesthood soon, followed by so many other things! So much potential and they are working towards achieving it because Matt made ONE decision to act on his faith. We receive so much when we choose to act!
- "You have such a good mom!" "Yeah! (thinks some more) Yeahhhh.. Her whips my butt every night if I'm in trouble!" -Bryan, 3-year old crazy kid
- "I would drop kick him through the goal posts of life!!!" -Pam, talking about a "spawn of Satan" "heathen" of a little dog, Max
- "I know how to roll wit mah hood boys!" -e. Poe
- "As sure as a grizzly bear will find its way to a California honey festival!" -e. Poe
- SO. MUCH. free chocolate at Harry London last week when we took a tour on P-day. The best. Also, chocolate comas are a real thing.
 - We found our investigator in a deep sleep on her porch and didn't know what to do.. we hesitated so much and eventually walked around the corner and pretended we didn't see her sleeping and called out, "HI MICHELLE!" to wake her up. Missionary life is the awkward life. I chose it. ;)
- WHEN MATT said we were his favorite missionaries!!!! Holla. Best feeling. (Also, shout out to our Ward Mission Leader's family, who also said that. I think they were just joking, but still, it gave me some warm fuzzies.)
- GETTING THROUGH MY 50th DAY! So we had a booth at the Stark County Fair and we worked at it the whole day.. LONGEST day EVER. No joke, haha. We were there on Senior day.. so, old people. I love old people, but most are not open. ANYWAYS. This lady said, "I thought I could be Mormon but it's not true. You know why? ALL angels names end in EL: Gabriel, Michael, uhhhh... yeah!!! NO Moron-I or anything, it doesn't say that in the Bible!" So I liked her and she also had ice cream dripping down her chin and crazy curly hair. She was a cool lady and a good story I have to share now. Also, chocolate-covered frozen bananas = best life decision.
- "I'm here and I'm not handcuffed or anything!!!!!" -Matt, walking into the church building for his baptism. His wife had threatened to chain him up and drag him there if he backed out.. hahah

Sister Pound's Mission Definitions:
"Prayer works.": A sentence you say after you pray and the miracle happens. Look for it :)
So we went to visit a less active at the hospital and she was having personal issues with her son and we could hear her talking on the phone. The nurse went in to deal with it and try to calm her down.. Awkward sitch. But we were with the Elders and didn't know what to do, if we should go in. So they said, "Let's pray!!!" because the LA wouldn't answer her phone and we were stuck. Elder Poe started praying and AS SOON as he started, she called us back. So, prayer works! We laughed a lot at the situation. But it's true. Prayer helps. Miracles come when we pray and look for answers. I dare you to try it out this week :D

big hugs + little hugs,
Sister Pound :)))


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