Monday, September 15, 2014

I CAN DO THE SPLITS! (& other good news.)

I really can do the splits now. #lifegoalscomplete

Okay, some more important things than that happened this week.. I'll share. :}

We were able to meet with three less-actives with whom we have never had contact. The best miracle
of all: We were doing some stop-bys in a neighborhood, on our way to a potential's house. Sister Hodson
said, "Oh! I think a less active, Adams, lives over there!" But she kept driving, then exclaimed, "Should
we stop?!" I said, "YES!" so we parked on the side of the road and walked back to the house. Sister 
Adams answered her door (She later told us she had the feeling she should, though she didn't want to.)
and shared with us that her son had taken his own life three weeks ago and how she is struggling. She 
told us that she was the happiest when she was involved in church. She was worried about Heavenly 
Father not accepting her son because he took his own life. We testified of Heavenly Father's love for
us and mercy and grace through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We know that the Spirit led us there 
and she did too! It was a miracle to see the hand of the Lord leading us to one of His lost children. It 
was an amazing experience!

- I swept for service in a member's house.. she has 3 dogs.. she hadn't swept in WAY too long. I got 
a whole new dog just in dog hair. It was gross. And fun.
- I GET TO MAKE TAMALES AT CHRISTMASTIME. :)))) with Sister Shannon, who is from Ecuador.
- "You were right, the bread is totally worth it!" -Brother McLiver, referring to Fran bread.
- Exchanges were so fun! I got to be with Sister Mejia (Her mom is from El Salvador, dad is from 
Mexico!)! The whole day went as planned -- ALL of our appointments kept! #miracles
- "We're thankful that we could try... this.... experiment!" -Sister Mejia *laughter* -All 4 of us.
- "He's my daddy!!!" -Sister Crable, talking about her relationship with Heavenly Father.
Sister Pound's Mission Definitions:
- greenie excitement: When I do something in mission life that I have not yet experienced, but is old 
news to every other missionary, I get really excited. For example, we got our first headquarter referral
this past week!!! I was excited.. :)
- Fran bread: Let me tell you -- Fran is this old lady who speaks her mind whenever she wants! She 
makes the Sacrament bread & it is DELICIOUS. Like, I wanted more than a lil chunk once a week. So 
I kept bugging Sister Olson to get the recipe (Fran lives in their area, of course!) and after a few 
Sundays of pestering, she comes home & asks me,"Guess what I got?!"... Of course I couldn't guess, 
but she told me & I hugged her so hard bc this bread is possibly from the heavens. (tl;dr Fran bread = 
celestial bread. Also, I will send the recipe to my mom so she can perfect it before I come home!)

It's getting colder in Ohio, and I'm getting to be a pansie about it. But, I love the work we're doing and
I love the happiness it brings! I'll share my life motto with you all:
      1. Accept.
      2. Move on.
      3. Go be amazing!

I know that as we go through our trials and challenges, we are supported and carried by our Savior 
and can endure happily :)

have a splendid week!
little hugs for everyone,

Sista Pound

p.s. here is the Fran bread!!! Sister McLiver made us some. She's probably the best.

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