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Life's too good.


So, last P-day, after we finished emailing, we were gonna go to this thrift store but we didn't know exactly where it was so we had to look on the side of the road. So we saw the words "THRIFT STORE" and thought, well, obviously that's it! We pulled in and parked, looking for a thrift store. Come to find out, it was a bakery "thrift store" with discounted baked goods. hahaha so funny! but I got those mini powdered donuts out of it, so I was satisfied with life! (We did eventually find the actual thrift store, further down the road!)

This week, it seemed like everybody didn't like us, because we got cancelled on, like 15 million times. But it was a very good week, indeed. I'll tell you what made it so. (list form is best, otherwise I seem like I'm throwing random info out every which way!)

- We had 2 lessons with Matt and they were QUIET (his wife is out of town with their 3-year old) so the Spirit was there. He didn't come to church last week, but he came yesterday. It was funny, because he told us when he didn't come that everything was going wrong: Netflix wouldn't work, he couldn't find his book, etc. He came yesterday even though he had major neck/back pains! And he finished through Jacob in the Book of Mormon. He's beginning to progress, I'm just so excited for him!
- We got lots of contacts, meaning we talked to a lot of people of the streets and through knocking doors (we knock a few when we have potentials in the area). We found a girl named Sarah, who essentially said it was a sign that we met her because she is struggling right now in her life. This is my favorite thing, when people realize we are sent from God.
- Carol is SO HAPPY, even though she just lost her husband. I love seeing that the gospel blesses her life and gives her peace. Gives me so much hope.
- NEW INVESTIGATOR: Trisha!!!! SO legit. She is awesome. Has 3 kids. But really is willing to pray and look for answers! We have only had 2 lessons with her, but she has committed to baptism, no date yet though. Her kids are over baptismal age, so I hope we can start teaching them too! I'm just so happy about this one bc it's a family, and it's my dream to see a family all be baptized together! I know the gospel can bless their lives! When we taught the Restoration, and I shared Joseph Smith's experience, in his words, she said it made her feel like she was going to cry! Also, when we talked about a living prophet today, she said she got chills! The Spirit is awesome.
- Training meeting was SO inspiring. and just, the best. I got to see all of my MTC buds, and President Vellinga. I learn so much from him each time he speaks! 
- Sarah. Excommunicated. Has a boyfriend and 6 (?) kids living with them. She WANTS to take the lessons. She WANTS to come back. She knows it will be a long, hard process, but she wants it. I'm so excited. We're meeting with her for the second time tomorrow.
- Waking up so happy and rested EVERY day. No joke. I don't know what's wrong. I'm so happy every morning. Thanks for the prayers.

- We did service for a nonmember, cutest old lady, named Fern. We washed her windows and woodwork and such. But, in the process, she had us rehang her curtains. Except... we DUCT TAPED them up. She thought they looked great. I couldn't hold laughter in there. Also.... I may have accidentally vacuumed up a little towel/cleaning rag that was sitting in her window sill..... sorry, Fern, if you're reading this!
- We got homemade ice cream from this place "Handel's" for Harry Potter's birthday on the 31st of July. Any nice soul and/or good friend will now volunteer to send me all the birthdays of fictional characters so I have good reason to eat cake and other delicious desserts.
- Comp. Inventory when I had to suggest improvements for Sister Hodson.. "Help me be a better backer!" (Explanation: so I am "co-driver" and have to stand outside the car and back every time she reverses!)
- #classicPoe: "I fluttered away like a butterfly!"
- #classicPoe: "standard hood people, y'know?" [referring to their investigator!]
- "VERY VERY YES!" -Sister Sims
- "What's the date?!" -Sister Hodson, on her BIRTHDAY! hahaha
- Elder Kidd (District Leader) talking about the Kirtland sisters saying, "so.. they're basically the plastics?!" He's this quiet, red head kid, and he referenced Mean Girls. The best.
- The Elders pretending they can speak Spanish, spelling S-O-C-K-S out loud. 
- "Don't be dumb, don't be a robot. Be a human, BEING." -President Vellinga

Sister Pound's Mission Definitions:
land of eternal P-days: life after the mission
fist bump towards the sky = fist bump to the Holy Ghost, for being so dang awesome

So that's it for this week. Lots of great stuff happening here in the Massillon ward. I'm getting excited, and I'm starting to really LOVE the people and the experiences we have. I know this gospel BLESSES lives, and that it brings us joy. I feel so much joy, I can't even contain myself sometimes. If you're reading this, I dare you to share the joy of the gospel with someone who needs it. (HINT: Everyone needs it.) I'm happy I get to share the thing that means the most to me. Means a very lot.

hugs & snugs,

Sista Pound