Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Aubrey Pound aubrey.pound@myldsmail.net

Jul 11 (11 days ago)
Hi family and friends,
I'm here. And it's really great. 
I am sending a letter today, so look out for that. Our P-day is next Thursday, so expect a longer email then. I just have 5 minutes to tell you I'm well.
Well, thank you for your prayers, because I don't miss you guys at all. (Does that sound too mean?) I love you all, but I know that we have eternity to be together and this time will bless our family! (see D&C 100:1 and insert name there!)
We learn so much, so fast. I love it. Also, we have our first lesson today. My companion is Sister  McIntire and she's the best. We are excited to teach together.
Two things I have learned:
1. The Spirit is so vital in missionary work (and in our lives).
2. Prayer is amazing. All the prayers said here are powerful. We need to take advantage of that more often than we do.
I am having such a fun time. I'm so happy, it's ridiculous.
:) hugs & snugs,
Sister Aubrey Pound 

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